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As I seem to be the focus of the attention, rather than the sin that is continuing in the life and ministry of the men and women of this website, I wanted to address personally and finally the accusations that are being made about my past.  What follows is a long story of my involvement with Michael Howard, Paisley Mavutula, Jim & Eileen Kirt, Kalibu Academy and Shekinah Ministries.  It is not yet complete, so check back for updates.  Most of my time these days is spent dealing with people from all over the world that are now coming forth with their stories of abuse: talking to them, praying with them, encouraging them.  As I also have a wife, 4 children and a day job, there are only so many hours left to write.  Fortunately, my story is not one of homosexual abuse, like others, but rather of financial cheating and verbal abuse.  It will be told fully in due time…

For the story of the land theft, CLICK HERE


My Testimony of the Magnificent God that I serve

I will not waste space here telling all the details of my youth or how foolish I was: suffice it to say that I committed bank fraud, was arrested, plead guilty in 1994 and was sentenced to prison.  I served my time in a white collar Federal Institution and the Lord used me mightily there to bring revival to almost 1400 men over the course of 2 years.  My wife, Amelia, knew me before this, stood by me through it, and walks with me now in our service to the Lord.

As far as the accusations that Michael, Harri, Eileen and others currently make about my condition, I would point out that I am not the only person in America with my name, and that even a cursory examination of what they claim is “me” would reveal that this person they accuse of being a current criminal is actually several other Brian Culwells that live in two different states, not me.  Unlike what I have done here, which is to gather accurate and truthful information and disseminate that information in agape to the Body of Christ for the purpose of bringing those in sin to repentance, these wolves in sheeps clothing are determined to do nothing more than undermine my character.  If any reader chooses to ignore the truth and focus on my past, then I can do nothing about that.  God gives each of us a free will.

Even if you are in Finland, Malawi, Uganda or South Sudan and don’t have access to the information to properly research who I am, where would anybody in the Body of Christ justify bringing an accusation or condemnation against the messenger of God?

I can assure you that I have much to do with my time and that the amount of hours and dollars that have been expended in researching the information gathered here have brought no return on investment for me.  I do this because the Holy Spirit compels me to follow and to stand for righteousness; nothing else.  If the Lord spoke to me today and told me to stop, I would be obedient.  Of course, God never contradicts His Word, and absent repentance, there only remains judgment.

I can also assure you that if someone came to me about unconfessed sin in my life, the last thing I would do is accuse them of something in theirs.  I seek the Lord daily and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal areas where I can continue to be refined.  I am far from perfect, but I’m on the road to perfection, which is the road that the Lord has called all of us to be on.  I admire those that are farther along, but I don’t seek to attack those that are lagging behind.

Let me also make this clear: I have no desire to TAKE anything from Michael Howard or anybody in his cult.  What I do have a desire to see is Kalibu running as the institution that God has called it to be.  In order for this to happen, those that have abused over the years need to step down, a proper board of directors needs to be in place and the Academy needs to be converted to a non-profit so that no one financially benefits from the school: NO ONE.  If you don’t know that Kalibu Academy is a FOR profit institution that lines Michael Howard and Paisley Mavutula’s pockets with cash, I encourage you to read this post.

The tabloid version of my life that is present on the internet is not accurate, but I believe the Lord has it there as my “thorn in the flesh,” and so there is nothing to gain from continuing to challenge it.  It keeps me humble, as I fully expect that each and every person I ever come into contact with is going to Google my name: that’s what we do in today’s world.  For those IN the world, I expect them to believe it; to those in the Body, I expect them to seek the Holy Spirit – unfortunately, this rarely occurs.

As Christians, we are the worst at being judgmental towards one another, yet if someone were to examine each of our lives, they would find a trail of sin, regardless of the severity, because we were all born into sin, and without the saving grace and the shed blood of the Lord Jesus Christ, would still be in bondage to it.

What an absolutely RARE occurrence it is these days, for example, to find two virgins entering into a marriage, yet the Lord says in His word that this is one of the worst sins in His eyes because we have sinned against our own bodies. 1 Cor 6:18.  Actually the Word says, “sexual immorality,” which rightfully includes pornography, masturbation and any other sexual act performed with another, regardless of whether actual “sex” occurs.  Do we hold these sins against the other members of the body in perpetuity, or do we forgive?  What about the liar, whom has his own special place in the lake of fire?  Do we fail to forgive those who ever tell a lie? Have we ever told a lie?  I know I sure have, and I’m glad that I had the conviction of the Holy Spirit telling me to repent when I did!

It’s so incredibly sad to me that we selectively choose as a body what to forgive and what to forget.  Yet, we are quick to tell ourselves that God has cast OUR sin “as far as the east is from the west.”  Apparently, it’s only the sins of others that He and WE remember… It is this very attitude that makes it so hard for Michael and the other leaders of the ministry that are currently involved in this sin to come forth and repent.  If they felt that AGAPE was present and that they would be received in AGAPE, they might actually gather the courage to repent, but we are so vicious towards one another, that it’s hard to blame them for being fearful of “coming clean.”

Michael Howard is a closet homosexual, and although he wants to admit that he is gay, and has actually gotten close to telling some, he is afraid to do so: afraid of the judgment that awaits – from the Body of Christ!!  And so, he is likely to face the judgment of God instead, because he can’t get free from this bondage and receive the forgiveness and healing that the Lord has for him.

I have repeatedly communicated to him that I would not judge him.  As someone who has been the subject of judgment my entire adult life, I understand what it feels like.  I also won’t excuse the sin.  He must repent, he must step down and he must make amends with those he’s hurt.  All of this is the Lord’s plan and will, not mine.  I have no agenda in this whatsoever: I am just being obedient to my calling in the Lord and to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

My rescue from the pride and sin in my life and the radical transformation that the Lord Jesus did in me almost 20 years ago is something that I am eternally thankful for.  My life is an open book.  I fervently ask the Holy Spirit to examine me each and every day and to reveal any and all areas that He wants to correct and or sharpen, just as I extend the invitation to any brother or sister in Christ to bring the same to me, and I pledge to seek the Holy Spirit on those things as well.  I am not hiding behind unconfessed sin and continuing to practice the same.  I wish I could say that there is no sin in my life, but I have not yet reached perfection.  That is not to say that I’m not striving for it!  On the contrary, we are commanded to be perfect, and I strive each day to walk closer to the Lord than the day before.  I take seriously the Lord’s admonishment to work out my salvation with fear and trembling.

I wonder how any Christian is able to point to the PAST in any other believer’s life and then pick up the New Testament and read it, unless they tear out the 2/3 of it that was authored by the Holy Spirit through the Apostle Paul!!  Are we somehow forgetting what kind of person Saul of Tarsus was before Jesus got hold of him?  Are there some perfect Christians walking the Earth right now that I’m not aware of?  I only know of one: Jesus Christ.  All the rest of us are flawed vessels that have been delivered from sin, depravity and the world, not through ANY WORKS OF OUR OWN, but completely and absolutely and singularly by the Grace of God the Father Himself.

“For by grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works so that no one may boast.” Eph 2:8,9

How about the life of King David?  I certainly have never taken another man’s wife, then sent him to his death, yet the LORD Himself called David, “a man after my own heart.”

How quickly we forget these things in our modern, Laodicean, judgmental body.

My call to Michael Howard, Paisley Mavutula and all the others involved in this continual sin has been the same from day one: REPENT!

As for Kalibu Academy, and the accusations that are being made by Michael Howard and Paisley Mavutula that I want to TAKE the school, I find these mildly amusing at best.  We have certainly called for these corrupt individuals to repent and step down and a proper board of directors to be in place, which is both morally and legally correct.  They are operating multiple illegal companies and ministries, hence the reason their organization in the USA is under criminal investigation.  Do we want to see righteousness at the school? Absolutely!  The rest of their accusations are just an attempt to keep people from scratching beneath the surface and finding the truth of what they are hiding.

Absent that repentance before the Lord, I will continue to stand for Him and for His truth.  I receive no approval, self-worth or self-validation or any other such nonsense of the flesh from any man.  I receive all my validation and justification from the only One righteous to provide that: the Lord Jesus Christ.

Further, I encourage every single one of you that look at this website to question every single thing written.  Don’t take my word for any of it.  Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal TRUTH to you.  It is only in truth that you will be set free, and He is the Spirit of Truth.


How I met Michael Howard

In the Spring of 2013, one of my employees came to me and gave me a book entitled, “Recklessly Abandoned.”  In it, I read the pseudonymous account of this man, Michael Howard who boldly took the gospel into the far reaches of the Earth, without any fear of man, and I was inspired.

Over the next few months, I listed to his sermons on Youtube, read his webpage and eventually reach out to his ministry in the United States, asking how I could contact him.

What followed was an email where I told this man about how I came to find him, my youth days spent in sin, eventually ending in prison, my deliverance by the Lord, my success in business, and the call of the Lord I had on my life.

I began to correspond with him via email and occasionally we spoke via phone and I was thrilled to have met what I considered a modern day Paul.  How wrong I would later be proven to be.

During these conversations, Michael invited me to visit Malawi and Kalibu Academy during their annual student awards Gala and a simultaneous Pastor’s conference.  I was also given three topics to preach about:

  2. SESSION 3: Make DISCIPLES, not CONVERTS. Servant is NOT greater than the Master. (Brian)
  3. SESSION 2: Having Done all, STAND! (Brian)

Original Kalibu Leadership Conference Schedule

I was thrilled and excited to have this opportunity to preach, which was always been a burning desire in my heart and I knew that the Holy Spirit would be able to speak with me for His purpose.  Little did I know back then how important that last message was, “Having Done all, STAND!”

So, I left my family for two weeks and made the 2 day journey to Chileka, Malawi.  It was my first time to step foot on the African continent since I was a small child traveling with my parents.

It was different, it was exciting and most of all, it was thrilling to feel like I was finally moving forward in the Lord.

On the plane with me were Harri Wiherkoski and Marja-Elyssa (a former Finnish Member of Parliament).  I instantly liked both of them.  Harri seemed very humble and loving to me and we traveled together the short distance to the grounds of Kalibu.

I walked into the conference room attached to the administration building and it was my first face to face encounter with Michael Howard.  He was bigger than I imagined and looked tired.  We ate lunch and he joked with me about wearing Cartier eyeglasses to Africa.  From the beginning, he was very reserved with me, not saying much, but rather waiting for me to be the first to talk.  This was the pattern during our entire relationship.   I would talk and he would respond, often with rebuke, often with a call to DIE, DIE, DIE!

After getting settled, those two weeks were a whirlwind.  The Pastor’s conference took up all the daylight, then there was morning assembly, preparation for the student Gala and my own work that I was trying to manage from a continent far away from America.  I had little free time to myself, but when I did, I wanted to minister to students, talk to staff, get to know the people there.  Although this had been discouraged, I continued to avoid riding in the shuttle vehicles up the hill to the gated compound for missionaries, preferring to walk and talk to the students.  I began to see their hearts and I began to see that they were hurting.  One of the first things that I mentioned to Michael was that the students clearly needed a Pastor, and he laughed, as if he knew this but there were more important things to be concerned about.  I mentioned to him that I certainly felt called to the kids and that I would volunteer for this position, not even considering what a massive change in my life and the lives of my wife and children this would be.  I felt that compelled by love towards the students.  This was met with a smile and an attitude of, “let’s just wait and see.”

During the second week, I continued to feel this calling, as if I was somehow “home” in Africa, more so than in America.  I told Michael that I wanted to see some homes or land for sale that might be able to house my family in the future.  He immediately told me that I was unable to purchase any property in Malawi because I was a foreigner, and having no reason to question his honesty at the time, I took him at his word.  He then offered that if I did find something, I could put it in Kalibu’s name and he would hold it legally on my behalf.

Little did I know then, that this was the bait, and I swallowed the hook without even checking the laws.

(to be continued…)



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