Alinune Msongole – Malawi & Mozambique

Alinune Msongole continues to serve the Lord and preach the Word of God, despite all the abuse he has receive at the hands of Michael Thomas Howard, Paisley Mavutula, Jim & Eileen Kirt.

His testimony below has not been edited to correct grammar, because we wanted you to read it in its original context from the actual abuse victim, a young man named Alinune.

It Was In November,year 1989,when I First Met Pastor Michael, Suki, Kim & Joyce When They Came To Preach In Chitipa District In The Northern Region Of Malawi. By Then I Had No Where To Stay As My Parents Had Abandoned Me & Chased Me Away From Their Home Just Because I Had Accepted Jesus As My Lord &savior. Of My Life.During His Meetings I Had A chance To Give Out My Testimony& After That I Asked Pastor Billy Mnkhondia To Asked Pastor Michael If He Would Take me To Blantyre With Him. I thank God My Request Was Aproved, He Sent Some Money To Mr Webster Sinyangwe So That He Should Take Me To Blantyre. When I Arrived At Kalibu Compound Formally Known As Ebenezer Bible School In Limbe, I Thought Every Thing Would Be Better For Me. Back Then Pastor Michael Had A very Serious& God Fearing Team, like The Anton, Charity, Jane, Lovemore Just To Mention.

I was Sent Back To School But The Treatment I & Other People Were Getting at Kalibu Was So Bad. Not Only Me But Every One Have Had A Time Where By We Got Whipped.

Pastor Michael Had A Special Hose Pipe Which Him & Paisley Used To Beat Us Using It.

[Editor’s Note: If you don’t know what a hose pipe beating looks like, watch this video of another African school teacher filmed beating a student with a hose pipe.  He was secretly taped with a cell phone.  Note the disgusting way the women are standing off to the side, apparently praying as this child is beat.  DISGUSTING! What kind of God do they serve?  Apparently the same one as Michael, Paisley & Jim.  This teacher in the video was arrested and imprisoned for doing this.]

My FELLOW Friend Had To Run Away In Early 90s, but I still remained there just because I wanted to complete my education. Life was just very tough. All the people working there were not born again after the first team left. In 1994, pastor Michael Bought Another Plastic Black & red Rod From Zambia Which Him & Paisley Have Been Using To Beat Us With It. This Rod Paisley Is Using Up To Date.

The Treatment At The Compound Was Just No Different To A Prison Campus. We Used Have Nsima With Pegion Peas Without Tomatoes & cooking Oil In It, This Is Happening Up To Date. The Place Was Full Of People Who Had No Fear Of God In Their Heart But Full Of Fonications, corruptions & oppressions Of Others. Any One Who Tried To Rebuke Them Became Their Worse Enemy,like His First Bible School Team, Charles Tailor, Gerald, Tom Even Myself. They Much Rely On Their Wealth More Than Relying On God.  In The Year 2002, paisley Kicked Me Out Of Kalibu Like A Dog. He Claimed That I Revealed Him To My Landlord That He Was Committing ADULTERY With My Landlord’s Wife.

I was in Mozambique for a time. Jim beat me so much with some of his workers, that one day I used a chain saw to threaten them to protect me.  But Eileen was the worse in behavior than Jim. Jim is a very quiet man but he was made to be cruel.

[Editor’s Note: I can certainly testify to this!  If I ever met a woman with a Jezebel spirit, it’s Eileen Kirt!  I have seen her lose her temper on several occasions, and she just becomes nasty in a very sarcastic way.  She needs some serious deliverance, and in no way should be traveling and teaching or ministering in any way in her current condition.  As for Jim, I don’t specifically know what background he’s hiding, but he’s gone through multiple marriages and outwardly appears very quiet and conservative.  We were sitting in my living room and talking about Sodom and Gomorrah and the depravity of homosexuality less than a year ago, and Jim began to defend them, saying that he “didn’t have a problem with homosexuals!”  At the time, it shocked my wife and I both, because he is so verbally outspoken on every other conservative issue.  I don’t know if this is because he has been covering for a homosexual like Michael Howard for so long, or because he has his own struggles with this?  To be clear, I certainly have a problem with homosexuals, because GOD has a problem with homosexuals!  They can be delivered, just like a thief, liar, drunkard or any other sinner can, but they can’t continue to practice sin and expect the Body of Christ to turn a blind eye to it!  This is precisely why we lack God’s presence in our lives; because we refuse to turn from sin and pursue the Holiness and Righteousness of the Kingdom of God!]

You know I have scars from the beating by Pastor Michael, Paisley & Jim.  They used to beat me several times & it was a habit to them.

In fact my wife told me that Paisley forced her to sleep with him when I was in prison in order to help her get money.