Pastor Dutch VanderVlucht


Ralph “Dutch” VanderVlucht is one of Michael Howard’s closest friends and allies.  He is the Pastor of New Life Assembly of God in Findlay, Ohio, which also serves as the headquarters for the fake ministry, Shekinah Ministries, Inc.

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Dutch was personally called by me and informed of all of the factual evidence and testimonies regarding Michael Howard, just as he was told 5 years ago by Rozella Heyns, Michael’s sister.  Dutch refuses to acknowledge any of it and continues to run the fake ministry and collect donations out of His Assembly of God church in Findlay, Ohio.

Link to Dutch’s Facebook Page:

Here is a letter I received from Dutch last year when they wanted me to take cash to Malawi for the ministry.  Notice that he has signed as treasurer of this non-existent ministry.  They even have nice letterhead printed, even though the ministry was not even registered or licensed on the state of Ohio at the time, and the bank account they wrote the check to me from was opened fraudulently!

CLICK HERE to see the letter Dutch wrote to me in April, 2015

This man continues to pastor the church in Findlay and continues to work alongside Michael.  Just last month, in December, he traveled to Finland to speak at Michael’s “holiness” conference.  Here he is teaching there:


I contacted the regional office of the Assembly of God and spoke with several elders about Pastor Dutch, and to date they have done nothing.  Apparently they prefer to bury this scandal than to take a stand for righteousness.

The Ohio Attorney General’s Office has promised to investigate this illegal and unlicensed charity being run from inside New Life Assembly of God.  They seem to be taking this much more seriously than the church!