Shekinah Ministries Minnesota

[Editor’s Note: UPDATE!  Apparently Michael Howard, who is not a US citizen has now filed the papers to reinstate the Minnesota corporation, after we brought to his attention that it had been forfeited, even though it is operating out of Ohio, which is against the law in the State of Ohio.  Here is a screenshot showing who’s president of Shekinah now.  So, if you donate to Shekinah, you donate to Michael Howard and you support him financially while he continues to sexually, physically and verbally abuse young men.]

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 6.24.49 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 6.25.38 PM

At one point, Shekinah Ministries did exist legally.  This ended on December 31, 2013, and by April of 2014, the state of Minnesota had involuntarily dissolved Shekinah Ministries.

Shekinah Ministries, Incorporated 16

Click below to see all of the legal documents from the state of Minnesota:

Shekinah Ministries, Incorporated

Shekinah, however, moved to Findlay Ohio in 2010, and from that date forward was operating out of New Life Assembly of God church at 3120 Norcrest Street, Findlay, Ohio.

According to Ohio law, prior to operating this non-profit in the state of Ohio, they were required to register with the state, apply to do business as a charity, and file yearly revenue reports with the state of Ohio.  Shekinah did none of these things.

We are not yet sure how they were able to legally open an account at First Federal Bank of the Midwest, but we hope to obtain this documentation in legal discovery as part of our ongoing litigation against Shekinah and the bank, and once we have this documentation, we will post it here.

To see checks that have actually cleared this fraudulent bank account, click here.

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