Paisley Grayson Mavutula

UPDATE: CLICK HERE for the latest news story by Malawi24, which discusses more of the unrepentant sin and sexual abuse uncovered about Paisley Mavutula, a man who refers to himself as “Pastor” and who was appointed by Michael Howard as Headmaster of Kalibu Academy.

Excerpt from Kalibu’s website regarding Paisley:

Pastor Paisley Grayson Mavutula

Pastor Paisley Grayson Mavutula is one of those exceptional men of destiny who God creates for HIS GLORY. A man of absolute integrity and faithfulness, he is a rare breed of persons in a world that has become so selfish. He has served in Kalibu Ministries for over twenty five years where he has grown into a mighty man of God, a great leader and an outstanding headmaster. In his calm, unobtrusive way he gets so much achieved without fuss. Highly respected by his peers in all areas of life, Pastor Paisley has broken with all tradition and filial responsibilities to serve the Lord with all His heart. And, the Lord has promoted him time and again through his faithful commitment to the Lord and His work. When others condemned, gave up or ran away altogether, Pastor Paisley stayed with the stuff and fought the most unbelievable battles on every front imaginable.
The measure of his faithfulness and integrity is the fact of the anointing that rests upon him. This was the greatest criterion in his becoming headmaster of Kalibu Academy. As a true, faithful son, he carries the spiritual vision and passion as the Lord purposed it to be. Authority without being tempered by love is dangerous in any hands. Pastor Paisley is a man of great authority but who also knows how to submit to authority. His great authority is certainly tempered by the love of Jesus that makes him a dynamic, living epistle and example to the students and staff alike. Any ministry anywhere would be supremely blessed to have this man leading them and many have tried to persuade him to join them, enticing him with many incentives. Thus, is the measure of the stature of Pastor Paisley. He is my truest son and no father could be more proud of any son than I am of him. We have fought many wars together and even when he doubted, he still stayed with the stuff and fought a really good fight. He has a calling to the nations and is a powerful teacher of God’s Word. Thank you, Son.

TRUTH gathered about Paisley

Paisley is on his 3rd or 4th marriage at this point.  We are not sure because of scant access to civil records in the nation of Malawi.  His current wife, Linda Mavutula, was by her own admission, one of his mistresses when he was still married to his previous wife.  His best friend and best man at his wedding to Linda has this to say, “Paisley slept with every one of Linda’s bridesmaids.”

Paisley has also been reported by two eyewitnesses and confirmed by Linda to beat her and to beat their children, with the exception of their youngest girl, Rozella.

Paisley does not possess an actual college degree, nor does he have command of the English language, yet he is the headmaster of Kalibu, responsible for overseeing the education of students in English, under the Cambridge curriculum.

He is known to have purchased a house in Malawi for at least one of his current mistresses and to have paid for at least one abortion with another mistress.

He has been granted the title, “Pastor” without ever completing any education in any recognized or accredited seminary.