Marko H.


I have spoken to Marko and he has told me that he has left Tampere and OOA.  Marko is now focusing on his own ministry given by the Lord 3 years ago. He worked with Dunamis Kinesis ministries during his time in the OOA, and is now pursuing it full-time.

He has also indicated that the Lord told him to leave before and he questioned whether it was God; this time, Marko, who clearly hears from the Holy Spirit has received truth of the overwhelming testimonies here and by discussing with former leaders who left and has made the difficult decision to leave and pursue the work the Lord has for him.

We pray that more people are able to see the truth of this cult and have the courage that Marko did to get free!

Marko has helped to put together a website in Finnish.  Please visit it here:


For any of you interested in learning more about Marko’s ministry, Dunamis Kinesis, you can CLICK HERE.


What has been brought to light through various eyewitness testimonies from individuals around the world is the use of the money that passes THROUGH OOA.  OOA, like Shekinah Ministries, Inc (which is a sham), receive money from various donors around the world and funnel it into the hands of Michael Howard or Kalibu Academy (for the use of Michael Howard).  Like any cult leader, they are a government unto themselves, and instead of operating properly and legally with a Board of Directors, they use the money as they personally see fit.  I have heard Michael say more than one time, “It’s MY MONEY!”  Yes, it is his money, not the Lord’s money, which means that any work that he does with that money, even if it is a Christian work is a work of iniquity.

We often laugh at Jonah and call him a coward for running from the call God placed on his life, but we don’t take time to consider Jonah’s position. Nineveh was the greatest and largest city in the world for almost 50 years, and God sent him there with a death sentence: who can blame him for running? God did.  Similarly, many people have run from Michael Howard over the years, and have failed to confront this sin.  I will not run.  It is not by my own will or strength that I stand, but purely by His Spirit that empowers me.

I urge Marko and others that are close to Michael to pray about what they’ve seen, heard, experienced and known through the Holy Spirit, to take a stand against this unrighteousness and to call upon those involved to repent and seek the forgiveness and healing of our Lord.

Transparency is the key to exposing sin, and we will continue to be transparent in everything we do.

In Agape,