Linda Mavutula (wife of Paisley Mavutula)

Let me start by saying that I believe Linda Mavutula is the product of life-long abuse and neglect.  She professes to have no love of God and to question why God has allowed all of these things to occur in her life.

This is my first hand testimony of my interaction with Linda:

During my last trip to Malawi in September, 2015, I met personally with Linda.  I have known of the emotional, verbal and physical abuse for some time, and was also aware of Paisley’s adultery.

I told Linda that I was aware of all of these things and her response was, “How did I know?”  When I told her that the Holy Spirit had shown me and that I had spoken to others that had confirmed it, she opened up and began to cry.

I spent about an hour ministering to her and during this time, the Holy Spirit also revealed to me that she had been involved in previous abusive relationships, which she verbally confirmed to me.

I also asked her about her relationship with God, and she verbally confirmed that she didn’t know God, and had always questioned why a loving God would allow the abuse that she had suffered her whole life, primarily at the hands of abusive men.

I offered her asylum.  I agreed to pay for her airline ticket to the United States and to write a letter for her of invitation.  I offered for her to stay in my home and for her to bring her children, all at my expense.

I told her it would be hard; I told her she may have to return to Malawi because I couldn’t guarantee that the US government would give her permission to stay permanently, but I assured her that she would have at least 3 months on a tourist visa, during which she could finally have some peace, be set free from the bondage she was in, and spend time getting to know the One true living God.

I could tell she was torn, and I asked her directly if she loved Paisley.  She didn’t answer.

I could sense that she was indecisive and driven by fear, and I had also heard the rumors that she was having her own adulterous affair with another member of the Kalibu staff.  I told her she should go home, pack up her kids and her things and leave.  I told her we would do our best to protect her and that we could hire security if for some reason she was afraid of Paisley.

At the end of our conversation, we moved into a room with Roz, and she also offered her home as a safe haven and reinforced how much she loved Linda and her children and how much she wanted her to be free.

She left our meeting and never responded.  Instead, weeks later, she wrote an email and sent it to many members of Alabaster Ministries and others who knew that I was confronting her husband and Michael Howard.  I have pasted the email below so that you, the reader, can see how what I offered was twisted and distorted.  You will also see the twisting of what Roz offered, which was nothing more than a free place to stay in a safe and loving environment.

What I did, I did out of agape; I had nothing to gain, but hoped that she may take this lifeline to get free from this bondage.  She did not.

We continue to pray for her and for her children and ask that you do the same.  Women who are beaten and emotionally abused have an almost impossible time ever escaping these things, but I know my God is greater and that He still desires to rescue and redeem her, just as he does her husband, despite being the abuser.

Email from Linda (it is unedited, so the English is not that good, but you can get the idea:

Dear All
It is of great sadness that I resigned from Alabaster ministries which was effective from 10th  October 2015 after working for Pastor Roz for four years in Malawi working with the elderly. I have traveled and been faithful and served Pastor Roz with loyalty over the past four years and it is with sadness and grieving that what I thought to have noted over the years came to pass.I have seen bitterness, jealousy and anger grow within Pastor Roz over the period of the four years I served  and I was afraid but yet I over looked and ignored it for the sake of the huge responsibility I had been given to care and look after the elderly, but this time around I could not bare it any longer after having gone through an ordeal that I never would have imagined to happen to me as a mother.I feel obligated to speak out and present the events as they occurred, for I feel different reasons may be given as to why I resigned.
Through this email I would like to explain the circumstances that led to my resignation.
Upon our return from our usual trips from Nsanje, Pastor Roz made it a goal to move out of the Kalibu compound and she did so in such a hurry even though she was not obligated to move out, and I was shocked as to why she would like to move out that quickly.I later realised that she was moving to a house rented by one Brian Culwell in Nyambadwe residence.Two days after She moved into her knew place, I passed by to leave some documents from immigration only to be shocked and stunned to learn that Brian Culwell had returned to Malawi and was there with Pastor Roz. Brian culwell had been proclaimed not wanted by Kalibu after he wanted to take over the entire ministry and control everything.Upon my arrival at Pastor Roz’ place I was summoned by Brian after he told me that he would like to have a word with me and I without hesitating I followed him outside.Unaware that I was in the for a shock.Brian began to talk spiteful things about my husband Pastor Paisley , telling me that my husband has other women in his life and will leave me for other women, and He urged me to leave him, promising me a luxurious lifestyle in the United states.According to him, he said my husband abuses me emotionally and he is a bully, but none of this is true.Brian and pastor Roz offered to make all the necessary arrangements , preparations aswell as payments that would be needed to take my children and I away from my husband.Before the relationship between Brian and the ministry went wrong, My daughter Hannah was to go and study Information Technology under the care of Brian, and he had already obtained all the necessary details needed to make this trip happen, So this time around he also asked for the details for the other three children in order to make express passports.He even offered to book a hotel room in Lilongwe so that my children and I leave the next day inoder to hide from my husband as we await for our visa’s to come through.He went further to say that we do not need visa’s to go America that we can just jump into the plane.He also pulled out his wallet and showed me a lot of money which happened to be in dollars , telling me how I will be happy and how he will help provide all the the things I love talk, about make-up,hair, expensive clothes and jewellery he said he would give it all to me only if I decided to leave my husband and go to the states with them.Pastor Roz later then joined the conversation by saying that this was my only chance to go to America and I have to decide now and I should not wait for tomorrow and that this was God trying to pull me out from the company of my husband and Pastor Michael ,to me  I found it an indirect forced divorce and it was barbaric of them to even suggest it,she even said that they would provide an opportunity for me to start school and that doctor Rozella, the daughter to Pastor Roz was going to help me too and that I will be in safe hands. To be honest the entire thing seemed premeditated seeing how the continued to persuade me to leave my husband  so eagerly from 15:00 pm to 19:00 pm whilst telling me damaging and disturbing things about my husband and Pastor Micheal at the same time, so much that it would take me pages upon pages and the whole day to say what they had to say within the period of our meeting, and all they said was said with no other other intention but to destroy my husband, pastor Michael and the entire ministry My heart shattered into a thousand peices as they continued to talk ,and at this moment the only thing I could think about is how much I love my husband and how leaving him would be so hard knowing fully that we took our wedding vows in the presence of God and our families to stay together for better or worse.I failed to understand how they they would think that it would be easy to trade four years of a relationship and 7 years of marriage and put my children at an emotional risk for a few dollars,make -up and luxurious lifestyle.
They spoke and made spiritual references in order to persuade me that this was from God but still something in my heart did not feel right,personally I have always wanted to travel and see the United states but this time despite all they say , it still did not feel right or make sense to me.I stood there and asked myself IS THIS TRULY A WOMAN OF GOD?This is who I’ve been working for with?Is this how white people behave ? I thought it was only Africans that act this was.I was shocked .Yes indeed I love shopping but that is not my life, my husband is my life and I told them boldly that I love my husband, but all they could say was LEAVE HIM ,YOU HAVE TO LEAVE HIM! DECIDE NOW.
Around 19:00pm I left for home still confused and shattered from that I was told, so much that it was so hard for me to sit and enjoy dinner with my husband that night because I did not know how or where to start from when telling him about this horrifying incident but I later on gathered the strength to tell him the next day .The next morning I went for my usual morning walks and as i walked I pondered on my thoughts and came to the conclusion that I would like to resign, and that same morning after my walk she called asking on top of her voice SO HAVE YOU DECIDED YET? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?.
I realised that it would be highly unethical to continue to work with pastor Roz after realizing what her motives truly are for what they were asking for is human trafficking to offer money for a woman and CHILDREN to leave their home, family and country without the permission from the husband with no clear reason for doing so, except hatred and vengeance. So it because of this reason that I resigned from Alabaster ministries and did not even attend the board meeting the following day.
I have written this email in great confidence even though I am certain that everything I have said will be twisted and turned into their favour.However despite that I would like you all to know the truth behind my resignation.For I realized that the alliance of Brian and Pastor Roz is a dangerous and spiteful alliance towards other people and one driven with vengeance .So much it led me to think that if they can devise and come up with such an evil plan against my husband and pastor Michael,then what more with other people, for this was truly a display of character assassination and mud sligning.I was also  disturbed  and perturbed from what I learnt when I googled Brian Culwell.
It still saddens my heart that the work relationship I shared with Pastor Roz for four years had to terminate in such horrific manner, so much that after I surrendered all the assets and documents belonging to Alabaster ministries, I have never spoken to Pastor Roz again and I find no reason to communicate or have any form a relationship with her, and despite all that has happened my husband and I are still growing strong and believe that God will surely bring down all the evil plans that Pastor Roz and Brian may have in mind, for He is a truthfully and a just God , and in him lies no spec of darkness for he himself is light.I thank God for i have learnt that what man perceives with his own eyes and heart is not what God has in store  for us .Thank you all for taking your time to read this email.
Love Linda
The ex director of Alabaster
More information about Linda
In my discussing with Linda, part of what she told me was that she couldn’t leave because she was responsible for her brother, and that she depended on the income from the ‘Tuck’ shop on the grounds of Kalibu Academy to support her brother.  I asked her how much she received from this shop (which sells, sodas, candy, chips, etc. to the students during their break times at Kalibu), and she told me 500,000 to 800,000 Kwacha per week.
To put this in perspective, this is more than the teachers at the academy make in several months, and she makes this per week, preying upon the students who are fed slop and then rush to the “tuck” shop at every opportunity to fill up on chips, candy and sodas.
During one of my visits to Kalibu Academy, I heard from both of the physical education teachers regarding the difficulties they were having with students being overweight, lazy and out of shape.  Part of this was directly blamed on the “tuck” shop and they said they couldn’t understand why the food was so bad and why the kids were allowed unlimited access to junk food and sugar all day.  When I suggested that maybe the school could stock the “tuck” shop with healthy snacks and fruit, I was told that the school didn’t run the “tuck” shop, that the headmaster’s wife did, and that this suggestion had fallen on deaf ears multiple times in the past.
I also had multiple conversations with staff of the kitchen and because I have owned restaurants in the past, made some suggestions about food service, even offering to help them craft a plan to introduce better foods at lower costs and to streamline the feeding process.
The staff listened eagerly, we drew diagrams and came up with well thought out plans, but in the end, none of them would even approach Michael Howard or Paisley Mavutula because of the fear that they expressed over being rebuked or fired for wanting to change things.  These were the PAID leaders of food service, who were afraid to even make a suggestion!
In retrospect, seeing first hand how poorly the kids are fed with the money their parents give the school, I understand part of the reason why.  If you budget and feed the students well, the “tuck” shop sales will fall drastically, and that is one of many sources of income for the Mavutulas at Kalibu.
Linda has chosen to value this and stay in an adulterous relationship, where both she and her kids are abused, rather than accept the freedom and help extended to her.

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