Harri Wiherkoski – Finland


Harri is Michael Howard’s right hand man in Finland.  Harri is the CEO of the Tampere Areena and also the Chairman of Out of Africa, the “Christian” organization run by Michael Howard in Finland.  Harri is also a governor of the board of directors of Kalibu Academy in Malawi.


Tuomas Rimpiläinen


Urheilu- viihdekeskus Tampere Areena Oy:n nykyinen toimitusjohtaja sekä entinen toimitusjohtaja on tuomittu törkeästä veropetoksesta ehdollisiin vankeusrangaistuksiin. Toimitusjohtaja on vuonna 1968 syntynyt mies ja entinen toimitusjohtaja vuonna 1965 syntynyt mies. Entinen toimitusjohtaja ei enää ole mukana Tampere Areenan toiminnassa.Aamulehti suojelee tuomittujen alaikäisten lasten henkilöllisyyttä, eikä julkaise tuomittujen nimiä. Molemmat miehet käyttivät pieniä lapsiaan rikoksen tekemisessä.

Tampere Areena Oy:n tosiasiallisina vastuuhenkilöinä olleet miehet kiersivät veroja siten, että he maksoivat “palkkaa” 2–10-vuotiaille lapsilleen vuosina 2007–2012. Tosiasiassa rahat olivat miesten omaan käyttöön eli heidän omaa palkkaansa.Toimitusjohtaja kierrätti palkkojaan kahden lapsensa tileille yhteensä 81 500 euron edestä. Toinen tuomittu kierrätti palkkojaan kolmen lapsensa tileille yhteensä 114 400 euron edestä. Lasten tileille maksun jälkeen rahat päätyivät miesten omaan käyttöön. Yhtiön toimittamat ennakonpidätykset olivat yhteensä yli 80 000 euroa liian pienet.Tuomittu toimitusjohtaja tunnusti tekonsa oikeudessa ja auttoi poliisia rikoksensa selvittämisessä esitutkinnan aikana. Entinen toimitusjohtaja kiisti rikoksen. Molemmat ovat maksaneet verottajalle aiheuttamansa vahingot viivästyskorkoineen.Nykyinen toimitusjohtaja tuomittiin kuuden kuukauden ja entinen seitsemän kuukauden ehdolliseen vankeusrangaistukseen. Entinen toimitusjohtaja tuomittiin lisäksi kolmen vuoden liiketoimintakieltoon.Tuomio ei ole lainvoimainen.

Rough English Translation:
By: Thomas Rimpiläinen

Morning paper

Sports entertainment center in Tampere Areena’s  current Managing Director and former CEO has been convicted of aggravated tax fraud conditional sentences of imprisonment. The CEO was born in 1968, a man and a former CEO (Harri Wiherkoski) of a man born in 1965. The former CEO (Harri) is no longer involved in Tampere Areena in operation.

Aamulehti protect minors convicted child’s identity, nor to publish names of sentenced persons. Both men used small children to commit the crime.

Tampere Areena’s  leaders as the responsible person of these children had maneuvered the taxes in such a way that they paid “salaries” to 2-10 year old children in the period 2007-2012. In fact, the money was intended for their own use or their own salary.

CEO salaries passed through two children accounts for a total of EUR 81, 500 for one. The other convicted passed wages for three children accounts for a total of EUR 114, 400.

The children’s “salaries” were then redirected for the men’s own use.  Withholding taxes provided by the Company amounted to more than EUR 80, 000 was not sufficient.

Convicted CEO confessed in court to his deeds and helped the police investigation of the crime during the pre-trial investigation. Former CEO (Harri Wiherkoski) denied the crime.

Both have paid for the damage caused to the tax authorities together with default interest.
The current CEO was sentenced to six months probation and former (Harri) seven months of parole. In addition the former CEO (Harri) was sentenced to three years prohibition of not conducting business.

According to Kalibu’s website:

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 5.09.38 PM

Since the publication of the truths of this website, Harri has begun to publicly attack the victims of the abuse, posting derogatory comments on his Facebook page and the Facebook page of the ministry.  He has continued to defend Michael Howard and preach alongside him, even though he has been made aware of the abuse.  Here is Harri preaching with Michael just last month, December, 2015 at the Tampere Areena:


This was supposed to be a Holiness conference, yet the very men teaching are walking in unconfessed sin and decades of verbal, physical and sexual abuse.


Michael Howard continues to preach and teach and collect money from unsuspecting victims and also to lure them into giving up everything and moving to Malawi where they can be part of his cult there at Kalibu.  It was one thing for Jesus to tell the disciples to leave everything and follow Him, for He was the Son of God, but as you will read in many of the testimonies here, Michael Howard with the cooperation of Harri Wiherkoski continue to lure young men, women and couples from Finland to sell everything and follow them!  Once they get to Malawi, they are stranded and they soon find out what kind of abuse they are in for.

I feel bad for Harri.  He was deceived by Michael Howard from the beginning.  He is nothing more than a puppet of the anti-Christ spirit that is operating powerfully through Michael and now Harri.  Michael likes to say that people call him the “Apostle of Love,” but in actuality, no one calls him that, except himself.  He is abusive and hateful towards everyone, and Harri has developed this same spirit.

I’ve heard Harri’s testimony first hand about how he came out of the world and was set free from the bondages of drugs and sin.  Unfortunately, he landed right under more bondage in the form of the anti-Christ in Michael and Michael has lead Harri by the nose for years, even breaking up his first marriage and then “giving” him another wife, planning and paying for the wedding.  Harri is completely indebted to Michael, which is where Michael likes to have people.  I believe the Lord could and would use Harri, if he could ever get free of Michael and the bondage that he has been placed under.

Unfortunately, Harri continues to blindly follow this man and if he doesn’t turn and repent, then he will end up judged by the Lord, just like his leader, and he will drag all the members of Tampere down with him when he does.

I contacted Harri early on to let him know what the Lord had shown me about Michael, and here is his conversation with me from Whatsapp:


He says, “I know since I meet you first time that everything in you is just terrible lies.”  That in itself is a complete lie.  When Harri and I met, we got along very well, and in fact stayed in contact for a couple of years.  When he got engaged, he texted me pictures; when he got married, he texted me pictures; when he went on his honeymoon, he texted me pictures.  It wasn’t until I began to reveal truth about this cult that Harri turned against me.  Here’s a nice photo of myself, Harri and James Phiri, enjoying ice cream in Malawi.  Does this look like a man that thinks I’m just full of “terrible lies?”  What sheer nonsense!

ice cream


Then he goes on to say that “God will fix [me] very very soon.”  I welcome the Lord to fix me, each and every day, in the proper context: refining me so that I’m more pure and closer to Him.  Of course, Harri means something entirely different, but then we have heard plenty of testimonies from people that leave Shekinah and Kalibu and the types of witchcraft prayers that are said for them to die when the leave.  It would not surprise me one bit if this is exactly the kinds of prayers Harri Wiherkoski, Michael Howard and those that follow this cult in Tampere and Malawi are praying daily against me.

As for me, I simply stand upon the word of God which says, “no weapon formed against me shall prosper,” and I continue to pray that Harri will see and hear truth; that is the only thing that can set any of us free.

Thanks to the diligent work by Marko and others, we now have a website devoted to testimonies from former leaders of OOA in Finland.  Please visit this site here: