Further Resources

Here are the contacts that we have for various people involved and various organizations or government offices that have oversight of these matters.  We encourage any of you to contact them regarding any questions that you may have about Michael Howard, Shekinah Ministries, Kalibu Academy, Kalibu Ministries, Out of Africa or any of the related leaders.


Remember, you can always contact us here: contact@michaelhoward.news



Michael Thomas Howard

e: michael@ooa.fi

cell Finland: +358 45 263 5344

cell Malawi: +265 99 985 5117

websites: http://www.ooa.fi, http://www.michaelthomashoward.com, http://kalibu.com.s2.onefuzz.com/about_us/kalibu-university-of-divinity-amp-revival/30

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MichaelThomasHoward

News Story about Fondling Male Servants: http://www.icyte.com/system/snapshots/fs1/a/6/6/0/a660f298f52a7447d695739845a0964176969aa4/index.html


Paisley Grayson Mavutula

email: paisley@kalibuacademy.org

cell Malawi: +265 99 995 5011

websites: http://www.kalibuacademy.org, http://kalibu.com.s2.onefuzz.com/about_us/kalibu-academy-malawi-/29


Lindiwe Makwinja (Linda Mavutula)

email: mavutulalinda@yahoo.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lindiwe.makwinja?fref=ts

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Jim & Eileen Kirt

email: shekminekirt@gmail.com, shekmin@aol.com

Jim & Eileen New Cell: 567-286-0105

websites: http://www.blackwoodsource.com, http://kalibu.com.s2.onefuzz.com/about_us/shekinah-ministries-usa/31


Pastor Dutch Vandervlucht – New Life Assembly of God (Shekinah’s HQ in America)

email: pdutch@discovernewlife.com

cell: 419-306-2775

church: 419-423-8465

Shekinah’s phone number: 419-423-8465 x 200

website: www.discovernewlife.com


Harri Wiherkoski (Chairman Out of Africa Finland and governor of Kalibu)

email of OOA: toimisto@ooa.fi

cell: +358 50 596 9879

website: http://kalibu.com.s2.onefuzz.com/about_us/out-of-africa-finland/33

Attorney General State of Ohio

website: http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/About-AG/Contact

complaint form: http://www.ohioattorneygeneral.gov/Business/Services-for-Charities/File-a-Nonprofit-Complaint

phone: 800-282-0515