Email correspondence with Michael Thomas Howard

As you can imagine, there are hundreds of emails back and forth between Michael Howard and various people across the globe.  We have posted some select ones here so that you can see the “heart” of the man that calls himself the “Apostle of Love.”

Here is one from Michael to Mark Cronin, who along with his wife, Maria moved to Malawi in 2007 and spent 6 years there serving the ministry.  You can read more about their testimony and their escape here.

From Mark to Michael (He was sending an apology and asked Michael to forward it to these men in Finland that are part of the ministry there)

Dear Harri, Jouni, Kati & Perttu

I am writing to you because of the gap that has formed between us which started from when Jouni and the team were last here. I realise that even though some issues arose I dealt with them badly and in the wrong way! It was never my intention to start a fight nor do I want there to be any issues between us. I am sincerely sorry for how I spoke with you Jouni especially and ask for your forgiveness. After speaking with Pst Mike I understand that Maria’s Father also came across aggressively for us to put stuff on the container, please know this is also my fault for he had obviously picked up on my attitude towards OOA. I was upset because all of a sudden changes which all came after these issues. I should have dealt with this a long time ago and it is to my shame that I allowed things to get to this stage, I am sorry!  We will be crossing paths a lot both here in Malawi and in Finland and I do not want there to be anything between us! It is by our love for one another that the world will know we are his Church and that is how I want it to be between us! We are all part of the same body and we are all under Pst Mike and I do not want to cause him any problems nor to this work so please accept my sincere regrets over my attitude and aggressive behaviour!



p.s. please if someone could read this to Jouni & Perttu as I do not have their contact details

Here is Michael’s response to Mark’s email of apology, asking for forgiveness:

Dear Mark

I said to you I DON’T THINK SO when you replied to my words of love in my office, and you said, I LOVE YOU TOO. Mark, I wish you had sent this letter to me before sending it off. I actually told you to do this. Your letter is COLD and legalistic! These men are full of the Holy Spirit and know how to love despite any differences. Jouni and I have had our differences but he always ends up crying and really loving. As for Harri, there is so much I can say but will suffice to say HE is a WOW man of love. They are broken men who have one passion: THE LORD!!!! You are NOT there yet, Mark and instead of passionately wanting Nkhotakhota you should be passionately seeking the Lord and be so content in HIM that nothing else matters. Yiou have wasted THREE years now and more. You had every opportunity to reach into my heart that has beeen totally open to you but you have not.

How do you end a letter to real men of God, SINCERELY! This is the vain in which you should have written but BRITISH PRIDE prevented you. Hard words, yes, but TRUE!

Beloved Jouni, Perttu and harri

I have been reflecting on everything that has happened and I am not at peace. I know that I handled things really badly and I am so, so sorry. Will you forgive me PLEASE for hurting you and creating division an mistrust. I want to develop true relationship and fellowship with you. I need real men in my life and you are the REAL MEN with who I would like to be associated and with whom to work. I need you especially as I come to Finland…. LOVE…LOVE…LOVE You used LOVE only once in the Biblical quote. I want you to write the letter again NOT from legalism but from your heart and send it to me FIRST! You can say you messed up. We can all see your letter is NOT from your heart. PLease Mark, please, please, please BREAK for the Lord’s sake, your wife’s sake and our sake. BREAK once and for all and come into a place with the Lord of deep love and REST and you will be amazed at how everything will change for you. I cannot and will not allow you to go to Nkhotakota until and unless you BREAK. I know what you are going into and it will be SERIOUSLY IRRESPONSIBLE OF ME TO SEND YOU THERE IN YOUR CURRENT SPIRITUAL condition. I am aching for you, really aching because I love you so very much but you just cant see it. You are blinded by YOUR vision ansd NOT HIS!!!!!



This is a very typical email, where what’s done is never good enough, and everyone else is legalistic, cold, unloving, arrogant, proud, etc.  Mark and Maria had been praying for 3 years about Nkhotakhota at this point and had invested significant financial resources into a building there.  They were literally forbidden to meet in their home on the Kalibu campus and intercede for this work and were told in direct written communication from Michael, “…I am banning all house prayer meetings with immediate effect.  All prayer will be conducted at the designated prayer meetings.”

If this isn’t a direct indication of belonging to a cult, I don’t know what is.  This is control and control is witchcraft.  This is the culture at Kalibu. Or, as Michael likes to say frequently in his communications, this is the modus operandi.


Here is one from Rozella (Michael’s sister) to to Michael and his response.  She sent this email to him in love, even as she was being thrown out of the Kalibu, the school she helped found.  It shows the heart of love she has and the heart of indifference that Michael has:

Sent: 9/30/2015 6:22:44 A.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: (no subject)

Dearest Michael
Very sad day for me as I pack everything in readiness for the truck tomorrow.  Lot of love and hard work went into this place.
Thanks for the help over the past five years.
I want to let you know that I am taking everything that is here except the stove. Most of it is mine anyway but I cannot remember exactly what I purchased from Mark and Maria. Perhaps the dining room furniture was here but I need one. Living room furniture was mine in the US and I took it down to Tengani for my pastor.
I will return the hilux when I leave since Paisley told me I could use it for another year. Hopefully I will have my own by the time I go.
Pray that the revival in Finland comes soon with the enormous influx of Moslems you are getting. Finland thought the threat was from Russia.
May see you in Finland next year.

Sent: 10/3/2015 7:58:35 P.M. Central Standard Time
Subj: you aare welcome

Dear Rozel
Sorry you are sad but moving on is best. I guess we see things
FUNDAMENTALLY and SERIOUSLY differently and always will. You are
definitely an American and have much of the thinking of liberal
humanism. It is for this reason that I cannot any longer allow you to
minister to the kids. It creates confusion because we are not of the
same mind and this is precisely why I do not visit in USA especially
when your kids have no respect for me at all. I am not complaining or
fault finding but just saying things as they are. Now that you are
moving on,  I think it is time for you to find your own pastors and
staff to help you. Continuing to use pastors or staff from Kalibu
Ministries only creates confusion in them and causes unnecessary
You may have the dining room set – no it was not Mark’s – and the
carpets. You will probably also find a lot of the stuff Mark took from
the containers. You may have that as well.

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to hear or take any advice from me so dont listen to me listen to the
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some cash. The crash is coming and when it comes it will be HUGE. You
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