Harri Wiherkoski Convicted of Aggravated Tax Fraud

Michael’s right hand man in Finland, Chairman of Out of Africa and former CEO of Tampera Areena has been convicted in Finland of aggravated tax fraud.  He’s been sentenced to 7 months in prison (suspended) and also prohibited from conducting business in Finland for 3 years.  Here is the article from today’s newspaper in Finland.  The English translation is rough, but you can get the gist of it.


Harri Wiherkoski, former CEO of Tampere Areena

By: Thomas Rimpiläinen

Morning paper

Sports entertainment center in Tampere Areena’s  current Managing Director and former CEO (Harri Wiherkoski) has been convicted of aggravated tax fraud with conditional sentences of imprisonment. The CEO was born in 1968, a man and a former CEO (Harri Wiherkoski) a man born in 1965. The former CEO (Harri) is no longer involved in Tampere Areena operation.

In order to protect minors, convicted child’s identity, nor sentenced persons names are published.

Both men used small children to commit the crime.

Tampere Areena’s  leaders as the responsible persons of these children had maneuvered the taxes in such a way that they paid “salaries” to their 2-10 year old children in the period 2007-2012. In fact, the money was intended for their own use or their own salary.

CEO salaries passed through two children accounts for a total of EUR 81, 500 for one. The other convicted passed wages for three children accounts for a total of EUR 114, 400.

The children’s “salaries” were then redirected for the men’s own use.  Withholding taxes provided by the Company amounted to more than EUR 80, 000 was not sufficient.

Convicted CEO confessed in court to his deeds and helped the police investigation of the crime during the pre-trial investigation. Former CEO (Harri Wiherkoski) denied the crime.

Both have paid for the damage caused to the tax authorities together with default interest.
The current CEO was sentenced to six months probation and former (Harri) seven months of parole. In addition the former CEO (Harri) was sentenced to three years prohibition of not conducting business.


Of course, according to the article, the current CEO came forward, came clean and testified to the wrongdoing, which is what we would expect from any honorable man, certainly of a Christian.  Harri, no doubt on the sage advice of Michael Howard, denied all charges and therefore received a more harsh punishment.

He posted a long excuse of an explanation on their website, claiming that his kids deserved to earn tens of thousands of euros for helping, even though prosecutors proved that he funneled the money through his accounts for his own benefit.  Instead of being honest and admitting the crime, he covered it up and denied everything.  This sounds exactly like what Michael Howard is trying to do now with his abuse victims.

Just as there is no repentance from Michael Howard for any of his illegal or immoral actions, there is no repentance from Harri Wiherkoski.  And yet, people still continue to follow both men blindly.

I pray that the eyes of their understanding are opened and that they receive truth and come out from under this bondage before things get worse.

Incidentally, Harri is already in violation of the Finnish judge’s orders, as Harri was appointed to the Board of Governors of Kalibu Academy by Michael Howard, and Kalibu Academy is a business, not a ministry.  Harri was just specifically prohibited from conducting or operating any business for 3 years.  I suppose we’ll see his immediate resignation from the Kalibu board?

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