Justice for Sale – Roz Heyns Arrest


Roz arrived in Blantyre, Malawi on January 27 and had no problems purchasing her visa and coming through customs.   Because of the snow storm in Washington, DC, her flight out of Kansas City would have been delayed for two days and she would have arrived in Blantyre on Thursday.

Kalibu were expecting her to arrive on Thursday and had alerted the police to be at the airport to arrest her as she stepped off the plane, but as a result of the snow, she changed her ticket and flew via Los Angeles and she arrived a day early, on Wednesday.  A friend picked her up and they proceeded to the house at which she was staying.  She went about her business for the next few days purchasing all that was needed for the distribution for the elderly at the Lower Shire.  The plan was to leave for that area on the 3rd and to begin the preaching and distribution on the 3rd near the Alabaster property at Tengani.

On the 2nd , she was purchasing the vegetables at the market when she received a phone call from friends stating that four men had arrived at their place of business asking the staff as to the whereabouts of Rozella Anne Heyns.  They did not introduce themselves to the owner of the business, showed no badges and gave no names and were just asking if she worked there and who drove which of the vehicles on the property.  They finally left.

Roz spent the day at the home of another friend and had her lawyer make enquiries as to whether this was legitimate or not and notified the United States Embassy.  The lawyer visited a number of police, CID and even Immigration to see if any of them were looking for her and none of them had any record of her.

That evening, she returned to the home she was staying at.  She postponed her trip the following day and they left for Lower Shire on the 4th instead.  Even then, there was a delay as just before leaving, her host had an email from some person saying he was a police officer by the name of Lennox Phiri, and threatening her because they had not admitted to having Roz stay at their place. She had not even seen the “police” as she had been in her office. This email was taken to the police and it was found that there was no such policeman in existence.  There is now a warrant out for his arrest and as soon as someone tracks his email address he will be arrested.  Since he involved INTERPOL and has a yahoo.co.uk address and the fact that Roz is a British subject we are going to have this email address tracked down by British Authorities.  Here’s a copy of the email, in all its broken English, which reads just like the email that Paisley sent last year from his alias, “John D Williams.”


From: Lennox Phiri

Sent: Thursday, 04 February, 2016 7:34 AM

Subject: Roz Heyns

I am Lennox Phiri. I was one who came to your house looking for this person. Mrs [name removed] denied even knowing her. She lied. We now have clear evidence that she was with you and you are obstruction of justice. In court this will be a crime and you will be summoned to court to answer. You are now supporting a criminal. The courts of Malawi are demanding the appearance of Roz Heyns. She is now a fugitive from justice and this will end to be INTERPOL case. You are implicated because she is defying a court order.

I can help you.



paisley names

His English skills are equally horrible, regardless of the name he uses…

Roz arrived in time to preach at the first village.  The old ladies cried because they said that Kalibu had told them she was going to be arrested when she arrived in Malawi and would never be coming back to Malawi.  After the distribution was complete and Roz ensured the staff were back at their place for the evening, she went to the lodge she normally stays at in Nsanje.

The following morning, it was distribution time for the Nsanje villagers.  Everything ran smoothly but, like the day before, they all told her that Kalibu had informed them she was going to be arrested when she entered the country and would never be coming back to Malawi. When all had returned to their homes, Alabaster staff along with some wonderful pastors from the area helped bag all the rest of the individual bags for each village.

The next morning (Saturday) at six a.m., Roz left for the mountain village.  She had to make two trips in order to get everything up there and the roads were really bad because of the rains.  She had almost finished preaching, when Francis came in to say that a minivan had brought the police up the mountain and they wanted to talk to her.  She completed her message and went out to find out what they wanted.  It turned out that they had a warrant for her arrest, made out in Paisley Mavutula’s (headmaster of Kalibu Academy) hand and stamped by a magistrate. The warrant was for contempt of court and despite the fact she did not know what she had done wrong and even the police seemed baffled, they had to arrest her as they were merely acting on behalf of the court.

She and Francis left the other Alabaster members to finish the distribution and they returned down the mountain to the Nsanje police.  The police informed her that Kalibu had brought the arrest warrant from Blantyre.  She recognized one of the men, Abraham, as being someone who worked for Kalibu many years ago and was now installing fences.  In fact, he had installed the fence around the Alabaster property at Tengani last year and some of the support poles were already tilting over.  The van they were driving belonged to Abraham’s wife, Mrs. AD Kabango.  Abraham had been an employee of Michael Howard’s years prior, when he had entered the fencing business, then a partner and then had gone out on his own.


This is the minivan they came in, which belongs to Abraham’s wife.

The senior police officer told Roz she was to travel back to Blantyre with the minivan.  She refused saying that she was not going back with a bunch of corrupt thugs and was happy to have a police officer accompany her in her vehicle as long as Francis was with her.  That was agreed upon and they finally left Nsanje for Blantyre police station.

By the time they arrived in Blantyre the police station had been changed. Friends had been mobilizing various people.

Once I heard of the arrest, I reached out to the American Ambassador, Virginia Palmer, who I was able to reach on her cell phone.  She was already aware of who Michael Howard and Paisley Mavutula were, as I had been in communication with her office earlier in the week when we got word that Michael had fled Finland and was likely to surface in Malawi.

With an open fraud investigation in the United States against Michael and now US Immigration looking into his multiple illegal entries into the country, he cannot return to the US without facing arrest or detention, and we knew that he was looking at Southern Sudan, but he still had to attend to affairs in Malawi.

Our attorney also reached the magistrate judge on her cell phone and she claimed to be in Zomba and unable to do anything about the arrest until Monday.  Our attorney convinced her to return on Sunday instead, because at this point, we knew she was part of the corruption, and she realized that we were not going to let the illegal order stand.  She offered no other comfort and rather regretted that Roz would have to spend the night in jail, but did nothing to prevent it.

It was apparent the police did not know what to do with Roz.  Her lawyer was there to meet her and they had an interview with the senior police official, the Nsanje police who had accompanied her and the two Kalibu staff (Abraham and Jerry) who had taken the arrest warrant all the way down to Nsanje and all the way up the mountain to Chadidi.  Roz says she hopes they were well paid by Kalibu for their time and effort and also for the repairs that are now needed on the minivan because of the Chadidi road!

Here is a copy of the arrest warrant.  Notice that it says that Roz failed to appear in court, however, interestingly no notice of appearance was ever served on Roz.

arrest order.jpg

Warrant of Arrest (in Paisley’s handwriting)


Also, not at the bottom that the warrant says, “Provide always that the judgment debtor shall not be arrested if he pays to you the sum of ….. plus costs to be paid in Court.”

Our attorney asked the magistrate on the phone what the fine was and she said that this was something she couldn’t determine and that Roz must be arrested and come to court to deal with the whole matter, in direct contravention to the actual written arrest warrant.

The senior police official first chastised the Kalibu staff members for bypassing his office and proceeding direct to Nsanje and then bringing Roz back on a Saturday night when they had no place to put her.  He called the magistrate on speaker phone. who allowed Roz to return to her place of abode and she would convene court at 10 the next morning, now changing her story in front of the police and claiming that the warrant was not actually for arrest and that they should not be detaining Roz!  This was completely different from what she told our attorney just a few hours prior!

Michael is denying that he and Paisley had anything to do with the arrest and attempted imprisonment of his sister.  If so, why was the arrest warrant made out by Paisley? Why did Kalibu staff take the time to drive three hours to Nsanje and then another hour up the mountain to present it?  Why is Michael’s name on the arrest warrant?

michael mask

Hides behind a mask and says he has nothing to do with any of these things, even though he’s fully in charge.

Why were they at the meeting on Saturday night and why was Paisley and his lawyer at court on Sunday morning?

Clearly they have been involved in the whole process and this has nothing to do with the Malawi government at all, but a vendetta against a sister who just wants to see Michael set free to be all that God wants him to be. Michael also states that Roz is trying to take over the school except many have heard her say over the years that the last thing she ever wants to do is run the school – she is happy doing what God has called her to and that is teaching, feeding and clothing the elderly.

She has stated on many occasions that she does not have the education to run such a school and nor should Paisley, since he has even less of an education than she does.  The fact of the matter is that Paisley is nothing but a figurehead and the school is still run by Michael Howard from outside the country.

At the court hearing on Sunday morning, Paisley arrived from Kalibu along with his lawyer.  The hearing went on for almost two hours and then the magistrate asked that the court reconvene the following afternoon for her ruling.  At 1:06 p.m.,  Roz’s lawyer received a call from Kalibu’s lawyer saying he was in Zomba on a case and could not make it by three so please would they change the date and time.  Roz’s lawyer finally managed to get him to text day and time so that it was a matter of record.

Friday the 12th  at 3.00 p.m. is what Kalibu’s lawyers asked for.  That meant if the magistrate ruled for a seven day prison term (which is what Kalibu was requesting as punishment),  it would be too late to do anything because everything closes Friday at 4:30.

Roz and her lawyer dutifully arrived at the court the following afternoon and were told the magistrate had not yet made her ruling and to come later in the week – “Say Friday at 3p.m.”  Too much of a coincidence to be a coincidence.  Obviously, Kalibu’s lawyer had already instructed the magistrate what time HE wanted the decision rendered.

In the meantime, our lawyers went to work on the actual issue at hand: the illegal orders from November, the corruption of the judge, the illegal arrest order, and our attorneys prepared a filing with the High Court of Malawi for emergency hearing.

The following morning, the High Court ruled completely in our favor, overturning everything.  There were so many inconsistencies in everything and due process had not been followed at any step of the way.

First of all, when Kalibu obtained the court orders as seen on this site, neither Roz nor I were notified that such orders were being pursued and for what reason so we were unable to challenge them in court.

It would be like finding out you had been sued and judgment had been given without ever being served the papers.  This is precisely what happened in our case.

In Malawi there is still freedom of speech.  Secondly, these were interim orders and only valid for a short period of time, as it turns out (21 days).

There were four points to them:

  1. That Roz not visit Kalibu. She hasn’t done this since she left.
  2. That Roz not contact Paisley or Michael. She has not done since leaving Malawi last October.
  3. That Roz not post anything on internet. She hasn’t done this either, I have.
  4. That Roz not email anything to anyone about Michael or Paisley or Kalibu.  The email they had as evidence, in actual fact fell outside of the valid dates of the orders. 

The high court ruled on Tuesday that everything be set aside.  One again, God was in total command of the situation.

Roz kept telling everyone that she had nothing to fear as she had done nothing wrong and that she was not going to leave Malawi until her name was cleared.

Even now, her priority is to continue with the work that the Lord has called her to and that is:

  • To preach the Gospel to those that think they have no hope and that are in bondage.
  • To teach the elderly to pray and intercede on behalf of their nation and their children and children’s children and
  • To help feed and clothe and take care of them.

This nation of Malawi is in serious trouble because of the drought this year.  The whole of southern Africa is in drought.  They are going to need much help and prayer.  We have heard that people who worked for the UN during the last drought a few years ago said there were mass graves of people who died from starvation.

Great prayer needs to go forth for this little nation that God would raise up people in leadership who would have a love for their people and who would do the right thing.

February 11, 2016

Brian Culwell

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