Michael Howard & Paisley Mavutula’s Land Theft

land thieves

Addressing the land that Michael Howard and Paisley Mavutula have stolen

On Michael Howard’s new website, here is his account of the land that he stole from me. In this account, he claims that the land deal was cancelled because I gave a fake diamond to Duncan Kaonga.  Here is Michael’s version:

“In 2014 Brian C. visited Malawi and just HAD TO HAVE a mountain near Kalibu Academy on which to build a home so as to run from issues in USA. Despite being told repeatedly not to make any deals with anyone, he did not listen. He never does listen. He made a deal with a local Malawian but departed the country before finalising the deal. In addition, Brian was not personally entitled to own property in Malawi. The following week, a deal was cut with the owner at a considerably reduced price. Again, it was emphasized to Brain that he was, under no condition to pay any monies except he consult with the leaders of Kalibu first. Of course, Brian never listened again. His clear objective was a hosile take-over of the Academy. His old time friend, Carlos openly said, “I know this man very well. You better find out his true agenda. You are going to find out his real motive…”
The Malawian, Duncan who sold Brian the land, went to the USA and met with Brian.  In his typical disregard, Brian made a deal to pay Duncan with a diamond and US$10,000 in cash. The diamond, Brian assured Duncan was worth US$100,000. Duncan took the diamond and went to South Africa to have the diamond valued by experts. It was WORTHLESS. In the same way that Brian had ripped off the old lady of her land to pay Cohen, he now tried to rip off Duncan. The problem was that Duncan out-smarted Brian and cancelled the entire land deal.
Is this another youthful INDISCRETION in 2014?”

The Truth

First of all, I’m not sure why Michael keeps talking about “youthful indiscretions,” or how buying land equates with a “hostile take-over,” but regardless, he claims in this account that Duncan is an upstanding citizen that somehow outsmarted me.  He claims that I gave Duncan some worthless diamond?  Where he comes up with this fiction, I don’t know, but it’s precisely that: fiction.  What Michael has left out of this story is any version of the truth.  The truth is that there are 2 pieces of land, not one.  I paid for both of them, and Kalibu’s attorney, Isaac Pakulantanda, who was in a previous homosexual relationship with Michael Howard (which is why Michael paid to put Isaac through law school) was the one that I was referred to in order to prepare all the documents for the land purchase.  Duncan was paid in full, as was the other gentleman who owned the other piece of land, Victor Barratt.

My land elevation

Michael Howard and Harri Wiherkoski went with me to inspect the land and Paisley negotiated the price for the land after I had returned to the United States.

isaac at land

I’m not sure what Michael is insinuating that I’m running from.  I’m still in the same place, doing the same thing, while he is now leaving Finland, after having been found living in the Tampere Arena illegally! (claiming that the work of the Lord is done!)  Isn’t this the same excuse that he used in Southern Sudan?  Michael told me personally that he went to Finland to pray against the Russians that were going to invade at any moment unless the Lord intervened, and that God had promised revival in Finland.

Has revival started at Tampere?  Has the Russian threat been eliminated, or was there ever one?


In the following months after my return to the United States in November, 2013, Victor was paid for his land and Duncan was paid for his.  He came to the USA in January, 2014, received full payment and signed a document prepared by Isaac Pakulantanda to that effect.

land deal

Michael graciously offered to put the land in HIS name (Kalbu, that is), telling me that I could not own land.  Well, this is technically true, and if I had not trusted him at the time, I would have simply done the research myself and found out what I know now.

A non-profit can own land and a foreign national can own land for investment purposes.  I could have satisfied either of these requirements and purchased the land myself, but again, Michael so graciously offered to hold it for me… LOL

Now, what’s more interesting is that Isaac Pakulantanda (Michael’s attorney) started working on this land deal in NOVEMBER, 2013, and sent me the final legal document on January 27, 2014.  He was acting and representing himself as an attorney the entire time.  Was he an attorney?  According to his post on Facebook, he was admitted to the bar on January 29, 2014:

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.26.22 PM

Here is the conversation with Isaac on Whatsapp from November, and notice he also references the involvement of Michael and Paisley, and the fact that they are not only aware of the deals, but also negotiated the prices for both pieces, contrary to Michael’s current statement:

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.34.10 PM

My part is in green, obviously.

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.34.48 PM

Now, to fast forward a year or so.  Duncan never did transfer the land, but Victor did.

After many, many attempts to get Michael and Paisley to look into the corrupt deal with Duncan, I was chastised by Michael via email for being stupid and dealing with Duncan, who he refers to as, “scuzzbag.”

I didn’t negotiate the final deal. I didn’t prepare the documents. The land wasn’t put in my name, but this is my fault now for dealing with Duncan!

I determined at this point in the summer of 2015 to hire my own attorney to pursue the “scuzzbag” about my land.  In the meantime, we commenced the clearing of the other portion of land that was sold by Victor.  Here’s a photo taken when the bulldozer first started:

land clearing

When the Holy Spirit told me to leave Malawi, the land was still being cleared.  As I returned to the United States, I received the following email from Paisley:

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.47.34 PM

Here is what he outlined as charges for clearing the land:

Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 2.49.34 PM

The Kwacha was trading around 500/USD, but Paisley quoted me the official bank exchange rate, even though we had agreed I would wire funds to the account in the US.  Further, the diesel usage was completely out of whack, as the machine would have had to run 24/7 to use that much fuel.  I sent a polite email to Paisley asking him for a double check of this figure:

“As far as the dozer, I understand the daily and driver charges, but am puzzled by the fuel. Did you mean to put 65 liters?  650 liters is 4 times the capacity of the entire tank on the dozer and it’s rated to run 12 hours on a tank?  Please check this, and please let me know exactly how many liters you took from the school.  I know James and/or Mr. Chisomo were keeping a careful accounting each time they removed fuel.”

This was Paisley’s response:

“On the disiel for the bulldozer it is no exaggeration, just to move the
bullbozer from the billboard to the site they demanded 70 litres. The
machine gazzles almost 600 litres in a day. uses almost 200 litres in 2
hours and these figures are without any additions to running around to
site or PVHO is just for the bullbozer. Coupled with the place being stone
area that is why is using such. Mrs Goba has figures and thus from what
she has and been issuing. Day before we had the bulldozer we had 8000
litres of disiel in stock and I  have just been handed in a request to
purchase more with the bulldozer topping the list of high usage. All
records are there. I can understand your concern and you can verify with
James too. We had to undertake that in as much as we didnt have much
because you requested that we do it on your behalf otherwise yes indeed we
knew it was an expensive venture having done it several times. The cost is
correct and he is dealing with cutting stones too.”

Shortly after Paisley sent this email, I received an email from Michael, who had been copied on all communications up until this point, but had yet to respond, until now… What follows is the email that Michael sent me and my responses to his attempts to bully me:

Now on the expenses Brian, EVEN if it WAS my aim to defraud you,  then let us look at what Paul says.

“Now therefore there is utterly a fault among you, because ye go to  law one with another. Why do ye not rather take wrong? why do ye  not rather suffer yourselves to be defrauded? Nay, ye do wrong, and  defraud, and that your brethren.”

“That no man go beyond and defraud his brother in any matter:  because that the Lord is the avenger of all such, as we also have  forewarned you and testified.”

Pastor Michael, I completely agree with this statement, and I have never in a
single email with you or with Pastor Paisley even insinuated that there
was any defrauding.  This can only lead me to believe that either you
haven’t read the emails or you are again “hearing” something that
simply doesn’t exist.

Once again, I am the fool with egg all over my face. On the fuel,  you may call anyone at Caterpillar and ask them and get their book  specs for fuel consumption for such a brand new or well looked  after caterpillar? Did you tell them that it is consuming 15 liters  of OIL per day? Of course not…Did you tell them how old it is? Of  course not. Did you tell them that there was SO MUCH rock work that  it took 3 days simply to cut the road? I have used that caterpillar  for our last two jobs and it GUZZLED the same amount of fuel which  was 600 liters a day or three drums PER DAY! If I happened to find  out that the fuel consumption had not been so high, I would return  the balance to you. It took 70 liters just to run the wretched  machine from the road to the site.
Did I ask YOU if I could clear the land or you asked me to get the cat?

Pastor Michael, I’m not sure why there is such anger over something that you yourself
would require.  Your standards are exacting and precise in everything
that you do, and the accounting for everything at Kalibu has been
meticulous as far as I know.  I have asked nicely and respectfully
since my first email for a simple accounting of the actual draw of
diesel.  I did check with BEML, not because I thought that you or
anyone there had the intention of defrauding me, but because the
“estimated usage” is so outside the norms at Kalibu and doesn’t reflect
the character that I’ve seen there.  I personally saw the slips of
paper that tracked everything when I was on the job site.  I know that
Diesel in Malawi is an expensive and precious commodity and that you
have always been a very careful steward of the Lord’s money and
resources.  This is one of the things that I have so highly respected
about you.  I’ve heard you preach many times about stopping on the
street in Malawi and picking up Tambalas (sp?) when they were virtually
worthless.  I know that you keep careful controls on the diesel, and
this is not something that happened years or even months ago; we’re
talking about a couple of weeks.  I have asked for accurate records
because the usage is so in excess of what the machine should use, and
because I was there when diesel was being delivered for the first few
days and at least when I was there, this was not accurate usage.  I’m
concerned that someone has taken diesel and is attributing this to “my
account” so to speak.  With the records you have in place, it should be
a simple thing to just say, “xxx amount of liters” were withdrawn for
Brian’s land.  I don’t understand why this is a problem, but I also
don’t feel any conviction whatsoever about wanting to have a fair and
honest accounting of things, which is EXACTLY what you would expect
from anyone dealing with you.  Why would you assume my standard is any
less than yours?

Just as it relates to the Dozer, I have done the upright thing… None of this makes
any sense to me, and you are such a highly intelligent man, that this
seems very, very out of character for you, especially since you have
operated so many businesses over the years in Africa, and have preached
about the way that you ran them.  Did you allow yourself to be
defrauded when one of your drivers ran off with a load of sugar and had
your truck impounded? Of course not, you sought the Lord and He
intervened and you recovered your truck and sugar.  And yet, you have
counseled me to rather let myself be defrauded regarding Duncan, and
then said that it is creating some sort of tax problem to Amelia, which
makes no sense.  Pastor, do you not think that I have done my own
independent research regarding the land and the consequences?  Of
course I have.  I was not able to be as successful as I’ve been without
being able to exercise intelligence and common sense.  You sat in my
office in my home and told me to postpone my trip in order to wait for
Pastor Paisley to return so that I could meet with the Chief Justice
regarding the land.  I did exactly as you asked, yet when I asked
Pastor Paisley about this, I was told that he consulted with his father
in law and we should pursue nothing.  I conducted a completely
legitimate and honest transaction with Duncan, and executed a document
before a notary spelling out the purchase of the land before a notary.
He conducted himself with not a shred of integrity or honesty, and I
have only asked for this honest deal to be resolved.  You asked me for
over a year to stay out of it, and that you would handle it, which I
did, and now I’m just supposed to be defrauded?  And somehow this is a
problem for Kalibu?

I KNEW this would happen and it is ugly and unbecoming. No thank  you for fighting to get the PVHO cat and saving you MK4 million on  that deal alone. You got that cat because of our good name. The  fact of the matter is that it turned out far more expensive than  you anticipated and now you are a typical Christian businessman who  starts looking for every loophole.
You have successfully made me promise that never again will I help  out anyone in this fashion. From now on, everyone will PAY UP FRONT  or handle it yourself.

None of this is ugly or unbecoming, and I am not looking for any
loopholes; that is a patently false statement.  What I am wanting is an
honest and fair resolution to this matter, which is EXACTLY what you
would require from anyone.  I have no problem paying for what I
committed to: none whatsoever.

The conclusion of the matter is simple. I am NOT going to squabble  about money. I already feel unclean even discussing this. You can  justify and excuse yourself about the wood, the hire charges, the  diesel. Pay whatever you want; I really dont care and if you dont  want to pay anything at all, it is entirely up to you…

Pastor, this is a completely passive aggressive statement, and is not
something that the Lord would say, nor becoming of the Holy Spirit.
You do care, or you would not email.  Can’t we move past the
“squabbling” as you call it and treat each other as fellow members of
the Body of Christ?  You are free to question, challenge, direct,
rebuke and everything else, but no one dares to say anything to you?  I
have always treated you with the utmost respect and love and continue
to do so, but you continue to lash out.  Why?  Where is the heart of
Christ in this?

I am really sorry that it has come to this but I knew it and told  Pastor Paisley from the outset that this would happen.

I’m more sorry because we love you and only want the best for you and
for the ministry.  …
Nothing has been done with anything but the purest intent and love
towards everyone.  Instead of addressing any of the issues that were
really serious, which were issues of the heart, it has turned into a
discussion about money.  It isn’t about money to me in any way, and
what hurts me the most is that you know my heart is not about those
things and hasn’t been for some time now.  My heart is on the Lord and
what He’s doing and saying.  You can say anything, but the fruit of
this is in my daily walk with Him and in my love for Him, and in what
the Lord is able to minister through me.

I continue to respect your wisdom and the truth that you receive from
the Lord, but I see a divergence from the man of God that receives such
incredible revelation from the Lord and the man who would so miss the
truth in this situation and who would believe whatever “birds” are
whispering in your ear and not confirm this with the Holy Spirit. I can
tell you conclusively that you do not have the truth in what occurred
during this past trip.  You may be able to convince yourself and
everyone else of a different version of events, but I sincerely hope
and pray that you won’t.  These accusations and intentions about me can
be repeated to me as many times as anyone chooses, but it will not
change my heart or what I know to be fact because I was there and I
know my intentions and they have only ever been to bless you and the
other Pastors and to love the children.  In this, my hands are clean
and my heart is pure.  On this, I will stand.

Please pray about what I’ve written, not only in this email, but in
previous ones.  I certainly have and have nothing but love, respect and
forgiveness for all of it.

I know that you don’t believe that I have any position to say anything
“corrective” to you and on this we will just have to disagree, but I
will repeat this because I see it as the heart of all the confusion
that started here that has culminated in this:

“for God is not a God of confusion but of peace, as in all the churches
of the saints.”
“The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love. ”

I hope we can resolve this peacefully and in love, because that is our
heart and we do love you and Pastor Paisley.

In Agape, Brian.”


For several days, I heard nothing, then I got this email from Michael:

“Dear Brian
It is very obvious that you think I am trying to rip you off. I really do NOT want your money and my conclusion stands.

Again, for several days, I heard nothing, then I got this:

“July 15, 2015 at 5:39 PM
Dear Brian
My controller of diesel came from the farm so I have called in all  the figures and examined them thoroughly for several hours.There  are some real discrepancies.
On the diesel you are right and I apologize. Please forgive me. The  total amount was 2370 liters @ 734.6 per liter and not what I was  originally given.

After receiving this, I promptly wired the correct funds and received a confirmation from Paisley that the money was received:

“Dearest Mr Brian,

Blessings and love in his Glorious Name. Trusting you are all doing well.
Thank you for the funds received amounting to $ 9332.78.

Once more thank you and my special love to all and love you always.

Pastor Paisley”

From this point on, Michael and Paisley never spoke to me again, and this started the investigation process and call for Michael to step down.  In October, I asked Michael to transfer MY land into the name of Alabaster Ministries.  Here is his response to that request:

“Yes, Brian, you may have back the land but sorry to tell you there is a redemption price of $10,000 payable to our US account in advance up front, no discussion. These land issues take a long time and considerable expense but being Brian, you want it NOW!
As soon as you pay, I will expedite the matter in the fastest possible way.

As of this date, I have not paid the extortion money, none of the land has been returned to me and now Michael is claiming that I don’t even have land because I somehow defrauded Duncan.

As they say, “We will let the courts decide.”
February 8, 2016