Paisley Mavutula now working for CID???


On the morning of Tuesday, February 2nd, several men and one woman dressed in suits visited the offices of Ori Meats in Blantyre.  Oresti, the owner, is a former board member of Kalibu Academy.  He resigned years ago when he could no longer deal with the unrighteousness of Michael Howard.  He is now a board member of Alabaster Ministries.

These individuals identified themselves as being from central intelligence, or the serious crimes division of the Malawian police.

They were looking for Rozella Heyns, who was not there.

They presented no badges, gave no names and left no paperwork.

Oresti notified Rozella of the visit and then a few hours later, this same group of impostors showed up at the offices where one of Paisley & Michael’s victims, Feston Konzani, works.  They were looking for Feston.  One of his coworkers called to notify him that special police were looking for him.  Once again, they presented no badges, gave no names and left no paperwork.

Immediately, we contacted our lawyers in Malawi and the American embassy to let them know of this and the lawyers contacted the police department to see if Rozella needed to speak with them about some issue.

No one at the police department knew anything about it.

The following day, another strange incident occurred.  James Phiri, the “driver” for Kalibu, called Oresti’s wife, Julie.  He questioned Julie about Roz’s whereabouts, saying that he knew she was staying with them.  Julie said he seemed insistent about knowing where she was.  Interestingly, James volunteered frequently to visit Nsanje with Roz when she went to minister to the elderly.  We have since discovered, although married, James is having a long-term affair with a woman in the Nsanje area.  Now we know why he was so eager to volunteer for these week long trips away from his wife and family.


Here’s James with his actual wife, kids and Roland Gehman, another of Michael’s converts and blind followers.

This morning, Julie received the following email from a person identifying themselves as “Lennox Phiri.”

From: Lennox Phiri

Sent: Thursday, 04 February, 2016 7:34 AM

Subject: Roz Heyns

I am Lennox Phiri. I was one who came to your house looking for this person. Mrs Yinnakis denied even knowing her. She lied. We now have clear evidence that she was with you and you are obstruction of justice. In court this will be a crime and you will be summoned to court to answer. You are now supporting a criminal. The courts of Malawi are demanding the appearance of Roz Heyns. She is now a fugitive from justice and this will end to be INTERPOL case. You are implicated because she is defying a court order.

I can help you.


Of course, despite the horrible grammar that sounds eerily identical to Paisley’s other alias that he has used in the past, John D Williams, it is so clearly not from anyone with any level of authority.

Nevertheless, once again, lawyers were dispatched, this time with a NAME.  Oresti also sent the following reply in the interim:

Good morning Mr Phiri,

Thank you for your letter.

Firstly, could you identify yourself ie. which department are you with including badge number.

Secondly, Please could you kindly contact my lawyers, Tembenu and Masumbu, they are aware of this email and are awaiting your call.

Thirdly, I did not speak to you at all during your visit, I have plenty of witnesses to prove this.

Lastly, could you kindly send me a scanned copy of the court order for Mrs Heyns lawyers as they are unaware of one.

I will await your IMMEDIATE response and please note that any correspondence between us has and will be cc’ed to our lawyers.

Best regards

Mr Yiannakis

Once again, it was a wild goose chase, as the lawyer visited with the Commissioner of Police himself, who confirmed that no one by the name of Lennox Phiri worked anywhere for any department and also that Roz Heyns was under no sort of investigation whatsoever.  Instead, he requested that Julie file a police report against the impersonators and that if they were to show up again, to notify him immediately so REAL police officers could be dispatched to arrest the impostors!

We don’t have to be rocket scientists to figure out who is behind this.  Unfortunately, the grade school education has failed Paisley Mavutula again and his plans to abduct Rozella by force and threaten or beat her has been thwarted by the Lord.

Roz has been in Malawi for a week and the Lord has hidden her right in plain sight.  She has continued on with her work ministering to the elderly and doing what the Lord sent her there to do.  In the meantime, Paisley and his minions have scrambled around trying to do harm, but God has protected her.

Of course, the greater question is, what kind of brother would want his own sister abducted and threatened or beaten?

Does this sound like anyone who should call himself Pastor? Or, as he likes to tell everyone, “The Apostle of Love?”

We have heard from hundreds of people and they have all asked if we need anything.  Yes, we do: continued prayer!!

Please continue to intercede for the Lord to make a quick end to all of this.

In Agape,

Brian Culwell