Southern Sudan encore by MH?

January 30, 2016

Anyone who has been around the ministry of Michael Howard or Kalibu for any length of time has heard of his incredible “victory” in Southern Sudan.  He tells the story of how God’s presence walked into his office one day while he was working in Malawi and told him to go to Southern Sudan.  At that point, in his own words, “he laid some conditions upon God.”

For more of Michael’s Delusions of Grandeur, please read this article, written by Rozella Heyns, his sister, who was actually the one who heard from someone in Southern Sudan, inviting Kalibu to come setup a mission work there…

Regardless, when Michael Howard and Kalibu left Southern Sudan, it was under the guise of having accomplished the Lord’s work, having been instrumental in the peace of Southern Sudan, and having had the facility taken from them by the Southern Sudanese government.

What Michael doesn’t tell is the story of how they left, of Roz being arrested, of the students of Kalibu in Sudan turning on Michael and accusing him of both being a homosexual and of not fulfilling “promises” made to boys that he was chasing after.

What Michael doesn’t tell is the story of his trip with another young man to Tanzania, where they stayed in a luxury hotel on the beach for a week, after leaving his sister to make the trip back to Malawi on her own.

What Michael doesn’t tell is what really happened.

Several reports from pastors inside Kalibu and from administrative staff there that Michael Howard is preparing to explore another school in Southern Sudan.  We know that there are now formal investigations being conducted in the US, Finland and Malawi on the affairs of Michael Howard, Kalibu Academy, the Widow’s Mite project in Malawi and Shekinah Ministries.

Apparently, this is an escape plan, since not much has surfaced in Southern Sudan in years.

We’ve been told of exploratory trips by Christopher Navaya, a “pastor” that is well known to be a womanizer and to beat others.  He’s been with Michael for years and has learned all of his ways, just like Paisley Mavutula.

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 10.31.14 AM

Christopher Navaya is on the left

We’ve also heard that Roland Gehman, an American missionary that has been inducted into the Michael Howard cult has also taken a trip to Southern Sudan to explore options.


Roland Gehman in passenger seat

Our sources inside Kalibu Academy operate in daily fear; worried about beatings, false imprisonment and losing their jobs.  Please pray for them as they continue to endure the abuse in order to report this information to us and shed light in the darkness.

We are just starting to hear from some of the victims of Michael Howard in Southern Sudan, and will begin posting their testimonies soon.  In the meantime, we encourage any of you that have information on what happened there to contact us or contact the local media in Southern Sudan to warn them of Michael’s plans:

Here are some online newsletters which are widely accessed or read by South Sudanese:

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