Prophetic Vision regarding Michael Howard

Sylvia Nissen

By Sylvia Nissen

I can clearly remember one day in fear and trembling, I had a vision of Mike, And I went to his office and told him about it . He never said a word to me, and I left. Its worried me ever since that I might have heard and seen incorrectly, Now I know God did use me as His vessel. so this is what I saw and shared with Mike:

“I saw Mike Howard dressed as a shepherd standing at the gate of the sheep fold, but something was very wrong, Instead of the shepherd (Mike) keeping the sheep and lambs safe in the pen or hold, he was standing in the gate and stopping the sheep and lambs from coming into the fold of God’s safety. As I close my eyes now, I still see that Vision . It scared me silly then, and still scares me silly now. You may share this as you feel fit, as I now know it was from GOD . My prayers are with you all”



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