Homosexual, Physical & Verbal Abuse

It has taken a long time for these things to be exposed, but our God is longsuffering and merciful.

It is with a heavy heart that we report the following testimonies of homosexual, physical & verbal abuse at the hands of Michael Thomas Howard and Paisley Mavutula.  Many other testimonies have been shared with us, but the victims are simply not strong enough yet to have them posted publicly.

Please share this website with anyone you know that is affiliated or has had any contact with Michael Thomas Howard, Paisley Mavutula, Kalibu Ministries, Kalibu Academy, Out of Africa or Shekinah Ministries.  We are not encouraging you to share with any unbelievers or to share for the sake of gossip: that is not the Father’s heart.  We encourage you to share with others in the Body of Christ that can pray with us and take a stand in the truth until this unrighteousness is stopped!



howard arrested



15 lashes


UPDATE: Malawi24, an investigative news agency in Malawi has been researching the facts on this website and has just published their first installment of the abuse at Kalibu.

CLICK HERE for the full article

Here is the second article from Malawi24, just announced that the government is investigating Kalibu and the abuse:

CLICK HERE for the full article

CLICK HERE for the article that ran in the Weekend Times in Malawi


Click Here for the testimony of sexual and physical abuse of Gift.

Click Here for the testimony of verbal and financial abuse of Mark & Maria Cronin

Click Here for the testimony of physical abuse of Pastor Peter Kankochi

Click Here for the testimony of physical abuse of Feston K

Click Here for the testimony of verbal and attempted demonic attack on Juho Eronen and his wife.

Click Here for the testimony of Edmundas B and his wife Kristina from Lithuania.

Click Here for the testimony of life-long abuse on Rozella Heyns, Michael’s older sister and partner in ministry until 5 years ago.

Click Here for the testimony of Annie Rouhiainen, a Finnish woman who was severely abused at the hands of Michael Howard in Malawi.

Click Here for the testimony of Farayi Saide, a former teacher at Kalibu Academy that successfully sued the Academy and prevailed.

For a complete list of Victim Testimonies, please visit that page from the main menu.

Repeated calls for repentance and restoration have gone unheeded and we have been met instead with Malawian court orders that have attempted to stop these truths from going forth and in the process to infringe upon the freedoms of speech and press.

The courage that it takes for these young men and women to come forward and relive these horrific events is incredible, and our only prayer as they do come forward is that the Lord will overwhelm them with his love and peace.

In Agape,

Brian Culwell

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One response to “Homosexual, Physical & Verbal Abuse

  1. I’m glad that eventually someone influential has had to stand against Michael and Paisley. I have entered into confrontation with these two at the same time in their shared of office at Kalibu in 2011. Michael stood up and for a moment I thought he was going to beat me up but he went outside. Michael has a breaking point, of course he shouts but if you take him head on he retreats.

    I got fired from Kalibu for asking for a pay rise in 2011 and had to battle my case in courts for three years which I won and whose judgement papers I possess. Kalibu Academy and their lawyers were not even present on the final court hearing. They thought they had played it safe by paying one of the court clerks to exclude my file and destroy the list of cases to be heard on that particular day but I found my way through. The court judgement caught them flat footed.

    Do not be intimidated by these court orders, Michael will never show up in court and Paisley is semi-illiterate. If proceedings prove to be too technical, Paisley has no mental capacity to handle them. Paisley can only negotiate for bribes, delaying and postponing court dates and at times having your matter dismissed for no reason, just to frustrate you. Make sure a trustworthy lawyer handles this case when contesting these court orders.

    Firing of workers at Kalibu Academy is the order of the day. People are fired for no reason. Reasons are manufactured in the dismissal letter. It takes a very sharp eye for someone to decipher that they have been unfairly dismiised as Michael uses very crafty language in dismissal letters. A lot of people have been unfairly dismissed and they have not realized it.

    There is untold gross abuse of non teaching and teaching staff at Kalibu Academy which has unfolded for so long.


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