Restraining and Protection Orders!

**UPDATE: Our attorney retrieved copies of the affidavit against Roz.  Click below to read it.  Interestingly, she was accused of coming to Kalibu, yet she lived on the property and her whole purpose for visiting was to remove her belongings!  Not only that, she was invited to speak by Paisley Mavutula while she was there.  Typical lies that Michael and Paisley tell to anyone, including the court.

CLICK HERE to read the false Affidavit Michael Howard Filed

In an interesting twist to the exposing of the sin present at Kalibu and in the lives of Michael Thomas Howard and Paisley Mavutula, Rozella Heyns (Michael’s Sister and the founder of the ministry that Michael now runs) received a Fedex today containing the attached court documents.

Protection Order

Restraining Order

There’s so much to say here, but the court orders really speak for themselves.  Somehow Michael has apparently convinced a magistrate judge via an affidavit (which was not attached, as required by law) that he is physically in fear of Roz and under the Domestic Violence Act of Malawi has secured a protection order against her.  At the same time, for some unknown and undisclosed reason, he has secured a restraining order against me.

They are interesting reads, though short, and reveal the extent to which the fear has penetrated the camp which lies in sin.  They are determined to stop the propagation of TRUTH over the internet and via email, which is protected clearly under the First Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America, of which both Roz and myself are citizens, and Michael is not.

In fact, while we’re on the subject of citizenship, it has also surfaced recently that Michael Howard and Paisley Mavutula have entered the United States on multiple occasions (Michael dozens of times over the past several decades) under false pretenses and in violation of the customs and immigration laws of these United States.

He has continually deceived the Office of US Customs and Border Protection.  Under current US immigration law, when an individual enters the United States without a proper visa, he or she is only permitted,  under a visitor’s exemption, to VISIT the country, not to travel, preach, conduct pre-planned meetings and raise funds.  This requires application and the issuance of a visa, which Michael has not secured.  Instead, he has continually lied about his purpose for entering the United States and come into this country under false pretenses.  He has declared himself a visitor, when we have years of pre-published itineraries of his intended preaching engagements all across America.  We are working to compile the necessary legal documentation regarding this and are reaching out to US Customs for an official response from them; once we have this, we will post it here so that you, the reader can conduct your own due diligence.

In response to the “orders,” I for one will certainly comply with the non-visitation of Kalibu policy, until such time as the Lord righteously removes the school from the current corrupt leadership that exists there.

I will not in any way allow my freedoms of speech or press to be compromised, however, and we will continue to provide information to all the victims of Michael Thomas Howard, Paisley Mavutula, Shekinah Ministries and Kalibu Academy.

Traffic to this site continues to rise on a daily basis as this information goes forth and we can see a large amount of traffic from Malawi, the United States and Finland.  Some of the Finnish readers have asked for a more accurate translation than google can provide and one of the former leaders at Tampere has graciously agreed to help with his, so we should have more clear versions in Finnish soon.

It is unfortunate that they did not file these legal actions in a United States court of law, which would have then afforded us the opportunity to subpoena and depose some of the numerous eyewitnesses to abuse and illegal activities that we now have made contact with.  Many of them are in the process of writing their testimonies and stories, so please do check back for content updates.  This is a long process and it is difficult, and as one victim wrote to us just yesterday, “I am still trying to write my testimony but it is hard to make it so that it is not just me complaining…. Anyway it is still under construction but hopefully will be finished soon.”  We have heard similar responses from other victims.  They are balancing telling the truth with Godly wisdom and mercy.  I applaud their efforts and their courage to dig up some really painful things from their past.

One of victims of sexual abuse is especially struggling because of the shame that he feels for being violated as such by Michael, under the pretense of “discipleship.”

These are really sordid tales and are hard to come to grips with, but the truth will be revealed and the sin will be exposed.

These leaders of the ministry will either repent and receive the forgiveness of the Lord and go through a process of restoration, or they will be delivered to Satan for destruction of the flesh.  We await the Word on this from the Holy Spirit, while we continue to pray for mercy and deliverance.

Many of you have written or called and ask about the timing of this and why God didn’t do something sooner, to which I can only respond that “God is longsuffering.”  He is merciful and gracious with us, as we all desire Him to be.  Nothing that these leaders have done is being forgotten by the Lord and He is dealing with all of this in His time.  We have to remember to be patient and wait on His timing for everything.  There is a season for all of it.

Until then, just as instructed by the Word and by the Holy Spirit, we continue to stand.

In Agape,

Brian Culwell

Houston, Texas