Word from the Lord 11-6-2015

This is not specifically related to this investigation, but it is a word from the Lord that I had this morning and I believe it speaks to the sifting and separating that the Lord is doing right now in preparation for the outpouring of His Glory in the earth.

Thus saith the Lord,

“I’m coming like a mighty flood and I will pour out my glory on all flesh.  I’m looking for vessels of honor that have  been fashioned and refined of metals that won’t corrupt.  My glory will destroy the vessels that are not designed to contain it, but it will magnify and radiate through those who are.  Remove all the dross and impurities from your lives that my glory may shine through you… to My glory and that the world may see this glory and worship Me.  It is only through worship that you will truly touch My throne and know My heart.”


In Agape,

Brian Culwell

Houston, Texas