Call for Michael Thomas Howard to repent and step down from ministry

The below excerpts are from an email that I sent to Michael Howard on October 10th, 2015.  This was done after I had gone to him privately more than once.  The first time was this summer, while at Kalibu, the second was on October 6th.  In following the prescription of Matthew 18, I now brought him before two or three witnesses.  We followed this with taking him before the “church,” which was a hand-selected group of people that were close to Michael: some had known him for decades.  All of this has failed to produce any response or action, other than continued threats, curses and vitriol from a man who proclaims that he is an “Apostle of Love.”


Please share this website with anyone you know that is affiliated or has had any contact with Michael Thomas Howard, Paisley Mavutula, Jim or Eileen Kirt, Dutch VanderVlucht, Kalibu Ministries, Kalibu Academy, Out of Africa or Shekinah Ministries.  We are not encouraging you to share with any unbelievers or to share for the sake of gossip: that is not the Father’s heart.  We encourage you to share with others in the Body of Christ that can pray with us and take a stand in the truth until this unrighteousness is stopped!


“If your brother sins, go and show him his fault in private; if he listens to you, you have won your brother.  But if he does not listen to you, take one or two more with you, so that by the mouth of two or three witnesses every fact may be confirmed.  If he refuses to listen to them, tell it to the church; and if he refuses even to the church, let him be to you as a Gentile and a tax collector.  Truly I say to you, whatever you bind on earth shall have been bound in heaven; and whatever you loose on earth shall have been loosed in heaven.”

“It is actually reported that there is immorality among you, and immorality of such a kind as does not exist even among the Gentiles, that someone has his father’s wife.  You have become ARROGANT and have not MOURNED instead, so that the one who had done this deed would be removed from your midst.  For I, on my part, though absent in body but present in spirit, have already judged him who has committed this, as though I were present.  In the name of our Lord Jesus, when you are assembled, and I with you in spirit, with the power of our Lord Jesus, I have decided to deliver such a one to Satan for the destruction of his flesh, so that his spirit may be saved in the day of the Lord Jesus.”


I wrote to you a few days ago and came to you privately, just as others have done in the past about your sexual immorality, and just as you have rebuffed many others in the past, your response to me was, “you can answer my lawyer.”   I don’t know what lawyer you are referring to, but we have compiled a list of witnesses in at least 4 countries totally dozens of people that would be subject to subpoena for deposition in any lawsuit that you file or that we file against you.  Some of these people go as far back as your college days, when even then people recognized that you had homosexual tendencies.  I know that you have threatened or paid off some of the people here in Malawi, but it is a completely different thing to put someone on the stand, under oath and get them to lie for you, or even to keep their stories straight.  Of course, all of this will become public record from the first filing, and that can never be erased from the internet these days: I know all too well, from personal experience.

In following the Biblical prescription from our Lord Jesus, I now bring you before other witnesses: mature Christians who know you and who love you, and once again, ask that you repent and step down from the ministry until such a time as you have truly been delivered from these demons and can walk free of this bondage.  The LORD wants you free, Michael!  Praise God that His mercies are new every morning and that His grace is there, but without repentance, there is no forgiveness of sin.

I know that you are scared and I know that you are angry, and I know that you cannot imagine what it would be like to admit that you have been delivered from homosexuality, then face the same people that have trusted you for decades, while this sin has been well disguised.  Some places may not have you back, others may outright shun you, but in the end, isn’t it only the Lord Jesus Christ that judges?  Imagine the position of the Apostle Paul: he was ordering the murder of believers,  and what a testimony Saul’s deliverance was, and what an incredible work the Lord was able to do through Paul, all for HIS glory!  You have a gift and a calling Michael, and as I previously told you, those are without repentance.  God is not going to take these back if you confess this sin that has been plaguing you for your whole adult life.  On the contrary, He will be able to finally use you freely to preach the Word without the humiliation you feel for your fleshly desires that you simply can’t control.  Anyone can raise their hands to God and SAY they are worshipping with clean hands and a pure heart, but what a feeling to actually BE ABLE TO DO IT!  I know that you want this for yourself, and you can truly have it; it is only your PRIDE that is preventing it.

Many of the witnesses to this email don’t know 98% of what has happened, and they only get the reports from you and those whom you have coached, but the Holy Spirit knows everything, and He is able to judge righteously.

My goal is simple and it is the Lord’s goal: to deliver you from this bondage and to restore you to the ministry.

Please be sure of this one thing: As the Lord Jesus Christ is my witness, I will not stand by another single day as you continue to damage the lives of young men because of your uncontrollable lusts.  My time and resources are fully devoted to this cause, Michael, and I will not rest until I see you removed from any capacity in ministry, until such a time as you are completely delivered and set free.

How many parents of students at Kalibu are going to stand by when “The Nation” has a lead story on these things going on at Kalibu, including the co-mingling of funds between the Academy, Ministry, University and Finnish Elderly Project, not to mention co-mingling of funds between America, Finland and Malawi.  How many parents are going to stand by when Paisley’s numerous adulterous affairs come to light?  And when these women begin to tell their stories of abuse, abortions and payoffs?  How many parents are going to stand by when Paisley’s physical abuse of his wife and children come out?  Linda is quiet for now, because she’s scared and because it is well discussed around town that she is now having at least one affair of her own – with a staff member of Kalibu, no less.  How many parents are going to stand by when they find out how much money Paisley is personally profiting from Kalibu, as its headmaster?  I know of at least a dozen things that he has his hand in on a daily basis, and it’s growing.  This is embezzlement and misappropriation of funds.  Are you going to be able to present signed board minutes going back to the founding of the school, including the time when Oresti and Rozella were board members?  Did you know this means immediate revocation of your charter to do business in Malawi?  Can you present signed board minutes that authorize you or Paisley to make financial decisions with donations, going back to the founding of Kalibu, the University and the Elderly Project?  Can you provide clean audited accounting for all the money that you have raised for Pastors over the years?  Will you have a story to explain to donors in the West why when they contribute one sum of money, that same sum of money does not reach the pastors?  Can you provide clean accounting for all the funds that you have moved around over the years between all these entities in multiple countries?  How are you going to give account to the MRA for this, at a time when Malawi is on the brink of financial collapse and people are so hungry in villages that they have begun to eat locusts to survive?

The fact is that you don’t even have a proper and legal board of directors in place for any of these entities, and you have not conducted regular board meetings as required by law and you have not sought board approval for your actions or the actions of Paisley.  These are all legal violations of the laws of Malawi, and render the corporations involved worthless shells.  The fact is that I’ve spoken to multiple individuals who recount you doing the same thing, which is banging your fist on the nearest desk and saying, “This is MY SCHOOL!  I DO WHAT I WANT!” In fact, I have a sermon of yours where you state almost this very thing verbatim regarding the hiring of EXCLUSIVELY born-again, spirit-filled teachers and administrators.  Unfortunately, although you continue to espouse this to the people of the West who don’t know any better, nothing could be further from the truth; more than half of the staff of Kalibu isn’t even born again!  You even employ people on the administrative staff that are PRACTICING WITCHCRAFT.

This doesn’t even address the US laws regarding non-profits and the transfer of funds overseas under the Anti-Terrorism and Money Laundering Act.  That is a whole separate can of worms that will entangle the lives of Jim and Eileen, Dutch, and the church in Findlay.  I doubt any of them realized what they were signing up for when they agreed to shuffle money around without documentation and without proper board approval to do so.

But most importantly, Michael, how are you going to answer the questions about the dozens of boys and young men that you have taken from various places: staff members, students and missionaries, and have then wooed them?  Is it natural for a minister of the Lord in his 60’s to have a 20 year old student living with him in his cottage, sleeping in his bed with him, and wanting to strip down to his underwear and WRESTLE AND PLAY with him?  How many of these boys have you asked to massage you, or given massages to?  How many lives have been damaged, and spirits destroyed because of your predatory activities?  What kind of long term damage have you inflicted on Paisley himself because of these kinds of things?  Some of the men that you have had affairs with Michael have been able to recover and heal and get deliverance and have moved on with their lives, especially some of those from the earlier days.  They don’t want to come forward and open these wounds, but they will Michael in order to stop this from continuing.  This is just the tip of the iceberg and I don’t think any more needs airing here, because it only glorifies the enemy and the flesh, but if you think that we haven’t gathered the evidence, done the research and diligently pursued the truth, you are very, very mistaken.  This is not just the ramblings of your sister: this is investigative journalism, and the resultant story is very sordid and depraved.  You have been able to squash much of this in Malawi because of the fear people have of retribution and the shame they feel after being molested by you.  It is also against the law in Malawi, and extremely alienating culturally, so the boys are afraid of the repercussions if they do come forth, and they don’t have the financial resources to fight you or Paisley, but I do, and I will on their behalf if need be.

Praise God, however, that ALL OF US are sordid and depraved and that there is no good thing in any of us, and that in the midst of all of our sins, Jesus is always ready to HEAL and FORGIVE!  This doesn’t happen overnight, though, and you can’t just go confess like you did to some small home group in Finland that you have a problem with pornography.  You must truly repent before the Lord, and you must step down and get real deliverance and learn to hear the Holy Spirit again.  All of us want this for you, and all of us love you.  Don’t allow this to become exposed worldwide to all the people and all the churches you preach in and to all the readers of the newspapers in several countries.  Please.[Editor’s Note: despite saying here that we would immediately move to the next step, several more emails were sent and several more pleas were issued: all of them fell on deaf ears.]

We have a proper board willing to step in at Kalibu and return it to the foundations of a Christian school with born-again, spirit-filled teachers and staff, as it was originally envisioned.  You will be allowed to have an agreed upon representative for yourself on the board of directors so that you are aware of the activities there, and so that you have a proxy vote in what happens.  Until such a time as you get delivered from this and can return to Malawi, without shame and resume your role in the Kingdom, you will not be allowed to return to the school under any circumstances.  The university construction will be halted immediately, and no more funds will be taken from other areas to support it.  We will not continue construction on a school that started as a way to prepare the next and/or final generation for the tribulation, but that has morphed into one that is just catered to Finns and the money that they receive from the Finnish government in order to attend an accredited university.  Yes, we know why the program at the university changed, and yes, I again have one of your sermons where you railed against this very thing, saying that you would never be subject to any accredited organization because they would only control what you taught.  At such a time as the Lord gives clear direction about what to do with the University, and only after a vote of the board of directors, which is how things are required by law to be done, will that work proceed.

Paisley Mavutula and Linda Mavutula must step down from any posts that they hold and must leave the premises of Kalibu immediately.  They are not welcome to return until they also have been delivered from their bondage, and then, only if they are hired back in the future by a vote of the Board of Directors.  Paisley will be given proper severance according to the law for his service.  We would recommend that he leave Malawi, as he will be facing criminal investigation for several acts that we gathered evidence of. [Editor’s Note: at the time of this email, I had not yet spoken to Linda personally.  During our conversation she admitted the physical abuse, the abuse of her children and the adultery she was aware of.  She said she was staying because Paisley took care of her brother and because she needed the income from the Tuck shop at Kalibu to support her family.  We offered her free passage to the United States and a place to stay in order to escape this.  In the end, her fear of Paisley and perhaps her own involvement in sin, as adultery has now been attributed to her as well, prevented her from accepting the offer]

The Kalibu students will be freed from their bondage and control and we will make changes to assure that the primary purpose of the school is to nurture their hearts and develop their Godly character: something that is sorely missing at present.

A worship leader will be brought in that can truly usher in the presence of the Lord so that the headmaster doesn’t have to take the microphone in the middle of lifting up His holy name and scream so loud as to be unintelligible, “PUT YOUR HANDS UP! PUT YOUR HANDS UP! YOU WILL WORSHIP GOD!”

The other forced rituals like morning intercession will be revamped so that they become Spirit-led prayer, not the nonsense that is currently going on with people beating on doors and tables and being told to “Travail!” on demand, which is one of the most preposterous things I’ve ever heard.  How this must grieve the Holy Spirit of God to listen to this day after day.

The Kalibu pastors will be freed from the control and bondage that they all are in, and they will return to being supported by individual donors in the West and elsewhere.  We will remove any attachments that exist and will assure them that they are FREE in the Lord, not owned or controlled by any man, woman or organization. [Editor’s Note: we have since discovered that monies sent for pastoral support were not reaching the pastor’s in the full amount.  Many people sent $30 a month (about 18,000 kwacha at today’s rate); the pastor’s received only 7,500 kwacha, according to eyewitness reports]

Shekinah Ministries in the United States needs to be closed.  It has been irreparably corrupted by the inappropriate moving of funds and lack of proper accounting, and no longer qualifies to have non-profit status.  If this is not done, I will personally and immediately file suit against the ministry and the church in Findlay for the financial donations I have made and the lack of transparent accounting surrounding them.  I will subpoena all documentation from all entities in every country where that money has gone and will depose all individuals that have had any involvement or knowledge in the transfer of such monies, and let the court and the IRS decide if things were done properly, which I happen to know for a fact were not.

[Editor’s Note: at the time of this email, we were not aware that Shekinah wasn’t even in fact a legal entity.  To see the documents of the now closed Shekinah Ministries that continues to operate and collect money from victims, click here]

The sale and distribution of all ministry materials written by yourself needs to cease immediately.  After they have been reviewed with YOU, by a spirit-filled panel of believers, and AFTER they have been fact-checked, only then can materials be released again.  I know of numerous inaccuracies and outright lies in your own testimony that are woven throughout many of the books, DVD’s and CD’s.  Just to give a few examples, so you don’t think I’m bluffing: you were not imprisoned in a cage for 8 months in Mozambique, as you have claimed numerous times.  Fact-checking of dates proves that you were not even IN the nation of Mozambique for half that time.  You also didn’t lose the bible school in Southern Sudan to the government or any other agency as you claim.  You were attacked by the students and graduates for failing to keep your promises and for your homosexual tendencies and were run out of the country.  The school was then sold to the Catholics.  … You have “embellished” many such stories, and have exchanged fact for fiction.  There is EXCELLENT material in some of these books, but this must be extracted from the lies that they are interwoven with, and the resulting materials can be published again with clean hands. [Editor’s Note: many more factual inaccuracies exist in Michael’s testimony and in many of his books.  We have only begun to scratch the surface here]

The witnesses here all love you and all are mature, discreet believers: they aren’t gossips, but if you do not make the wise choice, then you will have to be exposed to the church, and the church is large Michael.  You claim submission to no church or Pastor, so I will reach out to all churches and Pastors that you preach to.  I have a very lengthy list, and while I may not have them all, news travels fast.  You may call me an American, you may say that I am demanding, you may say, as you often do that I want it NOW, but in truth, you are only using these self-defense mechanisms with me, because you know that what I really am is TENACIOUS, and my tenacity and passion are for the Lord and for HIS Kingdom.  I’m very grateful for the truth in some of your books that has really resonated with my spirit and which the Lord has used to get me refocused.  I’m also grateful to several other people that I have met as a result of your ministry, because all of them have provided wisdom and understanding when I needed it.  Iron has sharpened iron, just as the Lord intended.  My tenacity won’t allow this to stop, Michael.  If it ends in the destruction of every work, everywhere, that is built on flesh or iniquity, then so be it, but what is of the Lord will stand …  You, however, will either submit and humble yourself before the Lord, or you will be broken.  This choice is only yours to make, but I pray that you choose the former, because I have been broken by the Lord before, and it is painful and lengthy and not something I would wish on anyone, much less someone that I love like a brother in Christ.

I know that the tone of this email may be shocking and it is shockingly direct, but you are a very strong and stubborn person and you have ducked and dodged these things for decades.  There is a trail behind you Michael of discarded individuals, marriages, relationships and churches, all of whom you owe repentance to.  I have spoken to many of them, from several continents.  Many of them have even asked outright over the years if you were gay, yet you have also had a ready answer and a lie to cover it up.  When I asked Eileen, who is the only person I trusted to call before I wrote the first email to you, I could sense her shock at the suggestion, yet I wonder if Eileen or any other woman would feel the same if you brought a 20 year old boy to HER house with you and refused to allow him to sleep in the guest room, but instead INSISTED that he sleep in your room with you?  More than one Godly woman has faced this situation, and they have felt uneasy and dirty, which is why you haven’t been invited back.  I wonder if Eileen or any other woman would feel the same if she had discovered love letters to other men that you had carelessly left laying around in someone else’s home, only for their children to discover?  I wonder if Eileen or any other woman would feel the same if they came to your cottage and found you lying in the dark in your underwear with your door locked and another boy in there with you.

[Editor’s Note: we have since gathered extensive eyewitness testimony to the sexual activities with young men and the advances made towards others who refused.  We also have testimony of threats, payoffs and the like to some of these men. You can read one of these testimonies of sexual abuse from Gift, by clicking here]

I want to reiterate what I have said previously, in closing.  I want nothing more than for you to be free and to be restored.  I want nothing more than to be able to fellowship with and truly preach the Word alongside the man of character and truth that is evident in your books.  That man is not you, but it can be.  You are past the age of 60 now.  Don’t you think it is time to get clean and be free and use the remaining years you have until the Lord returns in His service, not just going through the motions?

This can all stop here, Michael.  This can all stop now.  The choice is up to you.  Repent and step down and none of this goes any further.  You will have to make restitution and reparations to the people you have damaged as the Lord leads you, but I will not pursue any further actions.  If you do not, I WILL follow the Lord Jesus’ prescription for how to handle this, and I have already clearly laid out the scripture for you.  You do not have any control or influence over me; it is the Holy Spirit that convicts me and the Holy Spirit that emboldens me to stand up for HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, and I will continue to do so.  I would rather stand beside you as a fellow soldier of Christ and brother in the Lord, than stand against you as Peter did to Ananias and Sapphira.  Only you can determine which of these it is.

In Agape,

Brian Culwell