“And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

In the summer of 2015, while visiting Kalibu Academy in Malawi, the Holy Spirit began dealing with me regarding the unrighteousness and abuse present at the school.  Over the course of the next several months, a group of dedicated believers began to seek truth in the life, testimony and witness of Pastor Michael Thomas Howard, self-proclaimed founder of Kalibu Academy, Kalibu Ministries, Shekinah Ministries and Out of Africa.

The results of this ongoing investigation reveal a sordid and disturbing history of homosexuality, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse, misappropriation of ministry funds, bank fraud and deception.  As the truth unfolds, more and more people from around the world continue to come forward with their stories of abuse and destruction wrought in their lives by someone that can only be described as a cult leader.  Those that stand against this man, and his seconds in command: Paisley Grayson Mavutula, Harri Wiherkoski, Jim & Eileen Kirt or Pastor Dutch Vandervlucht are quickly rebuked, threatened, fired or maligned.

A few of us decided that we must stand, and having done all, to stand.  We stand for righteousness; we stand for holiness; we stand for the Lord Jesus Christ and proclaim that it is better to fear the Lord than to fear any man.

In keeping with Biblical principles, we closely followed Jesus commands in Mathew 18, to no avail whatsoever. Michael and Paisley refused to respond, except with one single statement, “You can answer my lawyer” from Michael on October 6th, 2015.  To date, we have not heard who this lawyer is, and despite further repeated pleas for repentance before the Lord, nothing has changed.

We also approached the self-professed leaders of Shekinah Ministries in the United States: Jim and Eileen Kirt.  I personally spoke with Eileen in an attempt to reason with her about the sin and unrighteousness she and Jim were part of, but I was dismissed and told to go on my way.

Screen Shot 2016-01-01 at 5.08.43 PM

I also personally contacted Pastor Dutch Vandervlucht of New Life Assembly of God in Findlay, Ohio.  He is the man responsible for maintaining the banking relationship for Shekinah Ministries, Inc. in the United States and Shekinah is registered to the church’s address.  He told me that I have no relationship with Michael and warned me against doing anything.  When I recommended that he pray about the situation and seek wisdom from the Holy Spirit, I was again rebuffed.


Pastor Dutch Vandervlucht of New Life Assembly of God

Finally, I reached out to Harri Wiherkoski, the head of Out of Africa in Tampere, Finland.  This is what Michael Thomas Howard had to say of this man in his dedication of his latest book, Seizing Back our Nation, “There is nothing greater that I can say, but ‘If Moses had a Joshua, I have a Harri.’  You have held up my hands in the battle time and again and I truly bless and than our Lord God for a real man like you.  Such real men in the body of Christ are a very rare breed, but the Lord have privileged me to have put you into my life.’  I have met this man in Malawi and we have communicated over the few years that I’ve known him, and on the surface, he appears humble, so I reached out to him, just to ask for his current email address and this is the response that I got, “Brian, never contact me again. I know since I meet you first time that everything in you is just terrible lies. If you don’t repent right now and stop your wickedness God will fix you very very soon.”  This from the “real man of God,” unfortunately did not shock me, as this same attitude of fear, intimidation and threats is what Michael teaches and it is that same spirit that is evident in much of his written and verbal communication towards others who don’t completely agree with him, or who don’t answer in the way that he expects.


Harri Wiherkoski (Chairman of Out of Africa in Finland)

You will read much of this in the uncensored emails that you will find on this site from him.  If you’ve ever read one of his many books, listened to any of his sermons, or thought that he was the “Apostle of Love” that he claims to be, you will be shocked at how he communicates with others, or maybe you won’t.

Those of us that are standing have called upon Michael & Paisley to step down from ministry, repent and go through a process of restoration.  This must include repentance and forgiveness from the numerous victims of their abuse.

Shekinah Ministries, Inc., which is the United States division run by Jim & Eileen Kirt is a sham non-profit.  It was forfeited in the state of Kansas at the end of 2013 for failing to properly file its reports, has not filed a published tax return to the IRS since that same year, and has never legally registered in the state of Ohio to do business, which is required by law.  The Attorney General for the State of Ohio has opened an investigation into the ministry.  Saying that Shekinah must be closed is sort of a paradox, because it doesn’t exist, so we have asked rather that they stop raising money fraudulently.

Because of the growing amount of information and testimonies that are pouring in and because we want to be completely truthful and transparent before the Lord and before the many who have followed and supported this man and this ministry over the years, we established this website.  Please take the time to read through the information on this site and to read the eyewitness testimonies of the abuse and unrighteousness of this man and his ministry.  Feel free to ask questions about things that you don’t understand.  Above all, PRAY ABOUT IT.  The Holy Spirit is the One that began this and the One who will finish it.  Our desire is for Him to have the lead in all of this and for Him to confirm the truth.

Finally, please PRAY for Michael and for the others in leadership at these ministries.  Our desire is for them to repent and receive deliverance and redemption by the finished atoning work of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Everything that we are pursuing is in a spirit of Agape, not in offense, and we continually ask the Lord to keep our hearts pure before him.


Brian Culwell